Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UVSunSense Review

Summer is almost here, and that means swimming, and lots of time outside. I always worry about forgetting to reapply sunscreen often enough, and if my kids have gotten to much sun, and I really hate finding out the hard way when they end up sunburned. I have very fair skin, and here in Michigan, I can normally get by with a 30 in the summer, but when we got to Florida, every other year, me and the kids all wear a 50 SPF and still wind up sunburned. Thanks to UVSunSense, I know have a way to tell my kids and the rest of my family have gotten plenty of sun.

They make it easy to tell with just a glance to, as they have a very unique design

If you notice the words change with the different stages but so do the colors. The only thing that would make these better was if they were reusable,


  1. Open the package, take out one band, and close the package immediately.
  2. Fasten the band around your wrist, with the printed side up.
  3. Apply sunscreen over all areas of exposed skin and over the band.
  4. When exposed to sunlight, the band immediately turns bright purple to indicate it has been activated.
  5. When the band fades to light pink, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen on your body and on the band.
  6. When the band turns pale yellow, it is recommended to cover up or get out of the sun.
The colors of the ink used on the band were chosen to help you recognize each transition. When ‘SunSense’ disappears, it indicates it’s time to reapply sunscreen (step 5). When the Sun Symbols and ‘UV’ disappear, it indicates it is time to get out of the sun (step 6).
Note: A partially-used band, when re-exposed to the sun, starts monitoring UV rays from the point it was at when you last took it out of the sunlight. Use only one band a day per person, and then discard it.
For best results, please apply sunscreen to the band BEFORE it is fully exposed to the sunlight.
The band is calibrated to work only with sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher.

I love my UVSunSense bands and I know you will to. UVSunSense bands are sold at Kmart nationwide and other stores check here for a store near you.


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