Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SpareSoles Review

High heels. Women love them, women hate them. Andrea Padilla, designer, is just like every other woman that wears heels. She doesn’t want to sacrifice fashion for comfort; yet, she and her friends had enough of the agony that comes from wearing high heels too long. There had to be a solution from the prolonged wear of heels that causes discomfort. The idea for Spare Soles came about because Andrea attended wedding after wedding where she ended up kicking off her heels and dancing barefoot. There were too many trips to Las Vegas where she was dying from her heels and would walk barefoot through hotels and parking lots. Upon realizing there was nothing available to solve her problem, she invented a solution and came up with a unique, compact, hygienic and fashionable solution.

Spare Soles provides a solution to the modern woman that wants to wear her heels yet suffers in doing so. Spare Soles are so compact you can fit them in your purse or pocket and take them with you anywhere, anytime. Instead of being barefoot, or having that constant reminder that you’re in excruciating footwear whether it be at a wedding, dance club, office, hotel or airport, you now have the choice to be comfortable. Slip on a pair of these truly portable flats. Then put your heels back on for those important moments when only your heels will suffice.

Established by a mother and inventor in early 2007, C-SAW Enterprises manufacturer of Spare Soles takes a fresh approach to develop solutions for a modern women’s lifestyle. They are dedicated to developing fashionable, compact footwear and purse accessories.

So go ahead and kick off your heels!

I was very happy to conduct this review.SpareSoles look so comfortable, and also a convient  to avoid sore feet after wearing heels, on most holidays we take all the kids and sit through a longer then normal service at church, and I always wear heels. Then we head back to my inlaws house, and after stand up, sit down,stand up with a 30 pound baby in your arms, my feet hurt, but it's a huge pain to drag along a pair of flats to change into. Not anymore,  Spare soles has changed that for me. 
Zebra Portable Flats
These are so comfortable, and soft. I wear them around sometimes. It's fun to wear a printed shoe, and they feel like slippers on. I can't wait to be able to throw these in the diaper bag for Christmas get togethers, or even the 4th of July part we go to. 

Spare Soles comes in a variety of styles and colors. I think my favorite though is 
Black Rollable Slipper
 Spare Soles Flip Flops are foldable, take-anywhere flip flops that come housed in a wristlet that opens to a spare tote bag. These compact jeweled flip flops are great to bring along to the spa, salon, beach, hotels and so much more!  

These are awesome they come in a little pouch
Black Ballerina Flat and Purse
and when you open it, and take our the flip flops the bag turns into 
Spare Soles Flip Flops
(Look for a giveaway of these soon)

They come in 3 great colors to:
Chocolate Foldable Slippers and Purse
Black Rollable Slipper
But Sparesoles Come in a variety of other styles to.
The Metro


Diamond Line

I sure wish I had SpareSoles on my wedding night, it was over 7 years ago, but I still remember how much my feet hurt. Have a big event planned,and your planning to wear heels? Head on over and check out Sparesoles Today


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