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Sun and Earth Review and Giveaway Ends US Only Ends 6/4

After many years of watching advertisements claiming that petro-chemicals with mysterious names were the best way to clean house, we set out to prove that non-toxic cleaners can clean as well or better than more well-known national brands. We knew people wanted products made with non-toxic ingredients that didn't sacrifice performance. After extensive research, we developed cleaners made from coconut and orange oils that clean and shine beautifully and have an appealing fresh citrus scent. Sun & Earth formulated cleaners for people sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in most national brands. Our satisfied customers told their friends about Sun & Earth and now we are a leading brand of safe, natural, non-toxic cleaning products. 
No Performance Compromise - Our Laundry and cleaning products work as well as, or better than, leading national brands at removing grease, dirt, stains and odors. 
Safeguarding Your Family's Health - All our laundry products and cleaning products are free of petroleum based cleaners, chlorine, phosphates, dyes and perfumes that leave behind residue that could be harmful to your family, children and pet's health. 
Non-Toxic and Earth-Friendly - We use the latest technology to create cleaning agents from plant, fruit and vegetable oils that are non-toxic to your family and safe for the Earth.

I have always hated all the chemicals it took to clean my house from top to bottom, and always worried when I had kids, when they were crawling around the house, and Found myself using phrases like Don't lick the floor, or you can't drink the spill from the table because I was afraid they would get some sort of poison in their little bodies. 

I am thrilled to tell you about a company that has changed my thinking on cleaning, and I'm sure will change yours to. Here are the products from Sun & Earth, that I tried out and how I think they Stacked up against normal cleaners.
Our Automatic Dishwasher Detergent is tough on grease and baked-on foods yet safe to use for baby bottles, utensils, anddishes.  Use (1) pre-portioned pac per load.  No measuring, unwrapping or mess.  Safe to use around kids - no danger of splashing or airborne powder.  If you are looking for a 100% biodegradable, phosphate-free dishwasher detergent that works and is gentle on the environment, Sun & Earth Automatic Dishwasher Detergent is the one you want!  Safe for septic systems.  It will leave dishes streak-free and squeaky-clean.

I always rinse off the dishes but I refuse to wash them, before putting them in the dishwasher, and normally We use Cascade, liquid, but I was excited to try something new.I rinsed the dishes but some of them had food particals still on them, but with our normal dishwasher soap they come out clean 99% of the time. Sun & Earth dish detergant, doesn't clean as well as i would like, I have used it a few times, now, and it's about 70% of the time, the dishes come out sparkling clean, but the other I have to hand wash them and then rewash them.I'm not sure that saves anything really because it's alot of wasted water.

Our Concentrated Floor Cleaner works great at removing grease, grime and dirt from your floors.  Its natural, non-toxic,environmentally-friendly formulation is free from petroleum-based solvents.  The plant-derived, free rinse formula is safer giving you the added peace of mind knowing you are not exposing your family, children or pets to harmful chemical residues or fumes.

I love this, Normally we use Pinesol, and I hate the chemicals in it. The other night I was loading soda into the fridge, with Z's help, and one of the can slipped, and sprayed EVERYWHERE. it was a huge mess, all over the walls, and most of the kitchen Floor, so I thought, Now to really put this to the test, and it did not at all let me down. There was not one sticky spot left after I was done. No strong smell, and no residue. So not only did I get a clean floor but I don't have to worry so much when Z drops his food on the floor and picks it back up. 

Our All Purpose Cleaner works great at removing grease, grimeand dirt in your kitchen, bathroom and all around your house. Itsnatural, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly formulation is free from petroleum-based solvents. We only use plant-based surfactants so you have the added peace of mind knowing you are not exposing your family, children or pets to harmful chemical residues or fumes. Because our All Purpose Cleaner is naturaland biodegradable, it is safe for septic systems.

Again we normally use, something like Lysol or mr. clean, to clean the counters, and the stove, while I has been kinda busy, and really had not gotten the chance to give my kitchen a good scrub, so instead of the normal I grabbed the S&E all purpose cleaner and set to work. Cleaning off the stove top, wiping down the counters, even wiping out the microwave. No left over smell,and they are still Clean!

I find myself using Dish Soap for everything, that quick wipe up of juice, cleaning the crayon off the wall, Wiping down the stove, or counters after cooking, and even cleaning out my refrigerator. I can say that this S&E dish liquid works just as well as any other commercial brand I have every bought.

Our Liquid Hand Soap combines Sun & Earth cleaning power and the fresh scent of the outdoors into a perfect every-day hand soap. Keep it in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room so you and your family can enjoy this effective, yet gentle soap.

I feel like this is a great hand soap, and I don;t notice a difference between this and the commercial hand soaps. 

Sun & Earth have a variety of other products for Laundry Needs as well as Refill bottles of all the products listed and more. I would defiantly recommend Sun & Earth products. The great cleaning power, with all the chemicals. The price is around the same as when I've been paying in normal stores for Cleaning supplies. 

Buy  It: Sun & Earth Products are available on their website Here


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