Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Savvy Cents Review.

Savvycents for the fashionably frugal!

The Savvycents coupon wallet is not only a functional organizer but also fashionable. It contains everything you need to organize your monthly or weekly budget using a cash and coupon system. With an accordion style file system inside the wallet organizer you can separate money, coupons, receipts or store discount cards by spending categories.

Savvycents side view
I choose to use mine for Coupons and discount cards, since we use our debit card, for everything, and leave the money in the bank. This also allows to to better track bills, and set up automatic payments.
Savvycents Budgeting Wallet

The Savvy Cents wallet also comes with "cards' so you can label your different compartments it's actually very handy. I choose to label mine for all the different coupons I may use at the store so mine are labeled
 this system has really cut down my time at the checkout, and also makes using coupons so much easier.  It also solved the problem of always misplacing the money. I would always get to check out and have to figure out which pants pocket it might be in. Opps. It also guarantee  I have penny's so the kids can ride the pony, if they are good.
I also find the Savvy Cents wallet to be a great size,it's not huge and bulky, or to small to lose in my purse/ diaper bag. I have done that in the past to, had to take darn near everything out to find that my wallet was at the very bottom.

I still remember the hassle that I went through at the store, and if you have similar problems, or just love to be organized then I highly recommend you head over and buy a Savvy Cents Wallet. 

They also come in 3 great colors 

You will find the Savvy cents wallet here.

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