Monday, May 9, 2011

Kicky Pants Review

I am not a mom that is always worried about the next big thing for my kids, maybe when they are older I will,but right now, it's comfort I worry more about  for them. Just because it's cute doesn't mean it's always comfortable for them. I was shocked to feel Kicky pants clothing because of how cute they really are, I thought for sure they would be like most of his clothes. The outfit we were sent for Z was so soft, I knew he'd be comfy in it for sure. Due to Z's eczema it had to be washed before he wore it, I couldn't wait to put it on him so I read the care tag, and washed them right way, so he could wear them the next  day. Kicky Pants are  just adorable  look at some of these outfits.
Print Babydoll Outfits
Your sweet girl will look extra cute in our babydoll outfit set. With ruffled details and feminine design, this outfit is sure to be a favorite!

Mermaid Outfits
The whimsical world of mermaids comes alive in our mermaid outfit set. A mermaid swims with a pearl strand whose detail is repeated on the leg of the pants.

*Color of the tee corresponds to the color of entire outfit.

Sea Turtle Outfits
Sea turtles frolic in our fun sea turtle outfit set with a baby sea turtle adorning the leg of the pant.

*Color of the tee corresponds to the color of entire outfit.

It amazes me that Kicky pants are  so soft, it makes me want to rush out and redo Z's whole wardrobe for summer, My husband would have a fit if I did that though. Want your own Kicky Pants?
Take a look at the where to buy on or click here.


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