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Costume - Super Costume Selections at Super Low Prices!

Halloween isn't to far off as of now, and with that comes the question... What does my child want to be for Halloween, and where can I get a great price on a costume? Well can help with both of those, by offering 100's of costumes at fantastic prices. We got to try out a costume, and I chose one for my 2 year old that is completely obsessed with Thomas the Train. I choose this Thomas the tank engine costume.

Thomas The Tank Engine Candy Catcher Child Costume
My son went crazy when he saw it, and I love the fact it has a pocket in the front to catch candy in. The costume is super well made, and will be used for dress up for sure. It fits my 2 year great. I think this is a costume that will last him through many a play dates as well.

If your looking for a Costume Supercenter then make sure to check out, this wonderful site for Boys Halloween costumes, as well as Baby and Girls costumes. I am sure I will be buying my girls costumes from the vast selection of choices, now if only they had any idea what they want to be. Truly I think going over the pages of this Costume SuperCenter gives them so many confusing choices, SO much better then only having a few, and anything they can imagine I can find for them.


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If you care Review and Giveaway.


·           100% unbleached paper products which help reduce the amount of toxins in our lakes and streams and 100% recycled aluminum foil which can be used over and over again
·           All manufactured materials are made from renewable resources
·           Only vegetable-based inks are used for printing and graphics
·           All packaging materials are made from recycled paper
·           Landfill safe paper products
·           Biodegradable paper products

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Adult Post 18+ Review

If you are under the age of 18 you are not invited to  read this post and I ask that you close this post right now. If you are over 18 please keep reading if you wish but please understand this post is about an adult website and about an adult toy.

Teton Sports Review


The TETON Sports story is pretty simple. The company was started in 2005 in Utah with a very long not-to-do list as opposed to the traditional to-do list. We do just a few things, but we try hard to do them well. We have only a handful of customers, but we do big business with the few we have. We like to partner with the best retailers in the business.

We have a simple business model with very low overhead. It allows us to overbuild product and still be priced competitively. That's why we get the kind of reviews we get. And then of course it just feeds on itself.
The last piece of the puzzle is customer service. We'll do nearly anything to keep the customer happy. Happy customers talk a lot and we like that kind of talk.

Back Packs for my kids, seem to fall apart after the first year, and  and I feel like it's money wasted. I was offered the chance from Teton Sports to review a Session backpack for my daughter this school year, and I love how big it is, to hold all the stuff she will need on the first day of school.

Main Session image
Actually the girls were fighting over it, so I may have to buy another one next year when my 4 year old needs a book bag for school.  It really seems to be well made, and I trust it will last us a while. I think Teton Sports is a great company to find needs such as sleeping bags,because they offer a great selection. I love the fact they offer almost everything you need for a camping trip, Tents( available in  November ) , sleeping cots,and hiking backpacks.  Now if only they sold the outdoors love I would be hooked. 

Truthfully  I think Teton Sports is a great company and I am not at all disappointed with the product I got to review,  If it holds up as well as I anticipate I really will be looking into buying another  Session or maybe even a Bookbag
Main bookbag backpack image
Next year.

Brand Down Under Review

Magento Commerce

Since 2005, with the launch of OiOi Baby Bags in America, we have focused on distributing innovative baby products from Australia. Today, we are proud to say that we are now a family of 7 leading Australian brands.

From diaper bags and baby accessories to maternity products and organic skin care, our goal has been to select brands that offer you and your customers something a little different.
From 1 brand in 2005 to 7 brands in 2011, our focus remains the same which is to provide you with excellent customer service, sales support, and commitment to building consumer awareness in our innovative brands.

I was given the chance to review 4 awesome products carried by an awesome company called Brand Down Under. Not only did I find the company to be great but the products are fantastic quality,and  more then surpass my expectations. I was sent to review 

Australian designed, creates everyday baby essentials with a difference. Everything we do epitomizes innovation and practicality. In this way we make the lives of parents that little bit easier – in a fun, functional and stylish way.

We launched to market in 2009 with the essential baby box, the world’s first all-in-one wipes box and nappy wallet. But our story began two years before with a trip with a newborn. Ever tried changing a nappy in an airline cubicle? Mission impossible – and so was born.

Today, is stocked in over 400 stores nationally and in 15 countries. The essential baby box also won the 2010 Australian Business Award for Best New Product and was awarded 2010 Best Product – Gear & Equipment in the leading US iParenting Awards.

B.Box Beep Beep Diaper Wallet
I choose to review this Beep Beep diaper wallet from I love the very bright Red and Blue cars that show on the diaper Change mat, which is super nice to have,and so easy to clean, all you have to do is wipe it off to clean it. Which also makes it ideal for a changing table in a daycare setting. Also great to take on the go because it has separate compartments for different things. 
Not all that big, but big enough to hold my son's size 4 diaper. I do think the price tag of $24.95 is reasonable for this baby item, and it really is a neat item.  I have been using it awhile now, and it has held up great, no signs of wearing out or breaking. diaper wallets are available in many other designs.

OiOi Sophisticated Baby bags are the brainchild of Lisa Bennetts. More than 10 years ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Isabella, who gave her the inspiration to create a label that empowered mothers to have the confidence to look amazing and feel equally as good! With a wealth of experience in fashion and accessories product development, working with companies such as Swarovksi Crystal, Europe and Oroton Australia, the birth of Lisa's daughter sparked the idea for a stylish yet functional baby bag - The OiOi bag was born!

OiOi bags have led the way for over a decade and are THE original and essential style accessory that mother's throughout the world love almost as much as the little ones themselves! OiOi has continued to evolve, expanding from an Australian owned and designed brand to an internationally recognized label. The company's continued success in an increasingly competitive market is a result of Lisa's knowledgeable background and ability to combine new season fashion with functional and innovative designs.

OiOi Baby bags are stylish, innovative and practical bags known for their superb quality and reliability. The bags are loved for their spectacular designs, vibrant fabrics, and functional styles that have no comparison. Sprouting from a single bag in 1997, the collection now resembles a lively, bustling family with over 40 styles available.

Ever since I say a OiOi bag, I knew I wanted one, but had to question weather or not the $140-$180 price tag was worth it.  
to those of us, who may only make minimum wage, YES, these diaper bags are Awesome. I love mine, and am sad that my son will be potty trained in a few months and I won't get to use it, but I can be sure that when I pass it down to a friend it will still be stylish, and in great shape, based on the quality of this Diaper Bag. I choose this adorable Safari Hobo bag.

I even love the matching accessories the   Stroller strap though is the best part, I know I have had bags that have drug on the ground or I had to try to balance the bag, and pushing the stroller, the OiOi bag has made a huge difference, and the best part is... My OiOi Bag , isn't a traditional mommy bag. 

At Fertile Mind we specialize in clever maternity wear, nursing wear and other products designed to help women look and feel their best, right throughout pregnancy and following the birth.  

Since inventing the award-winning Belly Belt maternity wear solution in 1996, company founder and former TV presenter Christine Kininmonth has worked with the Fertile Mind team to source similarly inspired maternity wear ideas. Like the Belly Belt that allowed Christine to continue to wear her on-camera work clothes instead of maternity wear when she was pregnant, all Fertile Mind products are designed to minimize the disruption to a woman's life (and wardrobe!), so she can feel more stylish and relaxed.

For example, Bellybra is the most comfortable maternity support garment you'll ever wear and the fabulous 6 Way Dress is the most versatile maternity dress available. We've got lots of other great maternity wear designs, so please browse our catalogue.
And the story keeps growing. Fertile Mind is now available in around 30 countries, and we're always on the lookout for new designs to add to our range. If you have a clever idea or maternity wear product that you think would make life easier for pregnant women, then contact us now.
Although I am not pregnant and will never be again, until recently I was still nursing which means that my chest was not the same. I am fairly large chested, and because of this it means my boobs are not always in the most comfortable of bras. I am weirdly sized, in regular bras, and have never been a huge fan of sports bras so what was I to do? I am so so glad it was suggested to me to try this great Bra. It's so so comfortable, and easy to put on, I will admit I wish it held my boobs up a little more, but none the less does offer great support. Would I buy this Bra, Oh yes I would $34.95 for a bra that is comfortable enough to sleep in, as well as wear with pretty much anything.  

You will find these and so many other great products at Brand Down Under -

Our mission is to provide a brand that people can trust, high quality 'clean and green' products to the mainstream population through all distribution channels so it is easy to purchase, to be a part of daily bathroom routines, all without the high price tag normally associated with natural and organic products.
Launched in 2002, GAIA Natural Baby was created by mum Michelle Vogrinec after her baby developed eczema when he was just 8 weeks old. Michelle couldn't find skin care products suitable for little Josh's skin which led her to create a range of gentle non-irritating products to care for his skin.
More recent brand extensions include GAIA Pure Pregnancy - pure, natural, organic products designed to assist your body with the transition from pregnancy to motherhood and GAIA Skin + Body Care - divine, nourishing products especially designed for women's skin care issues, like dealing with sensitivities, combating dryness and ageing and maintaining healthy skin.
Our ingredients are well researched and sourced through reputable companies and suppliers that provide high quality goods and have proven certification certificates assuring us and you of their purity. In fact most of our products are manufactured in ACO Certified Organic Processing plants and all products are manufactured to strict GMP practices and undergo quality testing prior to release.
We have chosen NOT to use ingredients known to cause skin irritation or that are suspected to be harmful so there's NO sulphates, petrochemicals, lanolin, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol, phthalates or artificial fragrances in any of our products.
We pride ourselves on always maintaining a high standard of ethics, honesty and customer service and we are a company passionate about looking after the health and wellbeing of others using sustainable methods and incorporating eco friendly business practices.

Gaia was a company I had never heard of, and that really intrigued my thoughts on this review , My son is 2.5 now however his skin is so sensitive, that almost anything makes his eczema flair, so I was skeptical about the use of this line of products, but they do not disappoint, I love the small bottles, and thing they are great for travel. The normal size bottles are semi- reasonably priced, at $11.99.  


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Alphabeasts Review

 The Alphabeasts are super-friendly characters that possess special powers. These incredible powers help the beasts work together to solve any problem on their exciting adventures. Always doing what is right, the Alphabeasts are giving and courteous, and they love to watch out for each other. 

Why do the Alphabeasts have letters on their bodies?These adventurous guys and girls have a letter of the alphabet right on their body that comes in handy when given a problem to solve or a duty to accomplish. No task is too small for the clan, and with the help of their most magical power…the ability to come together and spell words with their letters…they can get out of any jam or overcome any obstacle!Where do the Alphabeasts live?Not only do the Alphabeasts watch over each other, but they also keep a watchful eye on their home, Alphaland. Alphaland is a far away place that’s full of wonderment. Flowing blue rivers, green plants, tall trees, vast mountains, dewy meadows and a bright shining yellow sun are just some of Alphaland’s appeal. There’s one particular, massive tree in the center of Alphaland that stands high above the rest; a gigantic, strong and healthy tree that towers over the land. Little huts inside this tree are where our 26 beasts emerge from in the morning to start their day, and where they rest their heads at night after their adventures.What do the Alphabeasts do?Each day the Alphabeasts rise and shine to a new day, and set out on an adventurous journey that leads them through different parts of their homeland. Exploring nature and all the interesting places Alphaland has to offer, the beasts could be in search of food, a new place to play or teaching the sites and sounds they see and hear around Alphaland to the younger beasts in the family. And if they come across a problem to solve, then they jump to action with their special powers!Each Alphabeast has a unique gift. Some are strong. Some are swimmers. Some can soar. Some are speedy. And each duty or problem that they encounter and need to solve calls for a different solution, so it’s very important that the Alphabeasts work together as a team not only with their special abilities, but also by coming together to spell words with their letters. Whenever they spell a word, the word comes true! 

Alphabeasts are adorable little beast stuffed animals that have letters on them. Each side is different color, and there is a capital letter on one side, and a lower case on the other. I thought about what letters to get, should I try to make a word, or the first letter of the kids first names, or let them choose... in the end I let them choose, and  each child choose a different Alphabeast.
H chose-

L chose-
Zipperzoom ZZZZ
ZipperZoom who is purple and pink

and Z chose-
Wombat WWWW
Wombat who is Blue and Orange.

Each Plush is priced at $20.00 which I think is a bit much, they are not made the best,  H has had hers for about 3 weeks now, and I already had to sew up 2 holes in it. I would be less them pleased to spend that much for something that doesn't appear very durable. Now they are adorable and really help to tech the children their letters, I just could never see spending over $500 to do that.  

I do think the book set is a little more reasonably priced, at $20.00 for 26 books although not currently available, I think it will be worth ordering. 

ABC Book Set ABCBook
The website does offer games , which are kinda neat.  Head on over and check them out.

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Meeno Babies Review and Giveaway.

Meeno Babies

 Meeno Babies is a new baby company that strives to create innovative products for the everyday parent. Collectively, Meeno Babies possesses over 100+ years of experience in the baby industry, from design and compliance, to development and manufacturing. Meeno Babies is committed and dedicated to providing safe, reliable, quality products for the everyday parent.

Have you ever felt how hot car seats can get on a 90 degree or hotter day? I know I have and wondered if there was a way to keep the seats cooler, not to mention those car rides, it has always made me wonder if they were suffering, but the good news is I don't have to worry anymore, because now we have Meeno  Babies " cool mee " seat liner.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Find It Games Review

I absolutely love the Find it games on the computer, and always played them. I have gotten y kids I-Spy bags, and I enjoyed playing with them to, so when I came across Find It Games, I new I had to have one. The question was which one, Find It Games really offer so many.
Group Product Shot 2011 TN

I settled on the beach one, I was absolutely delighted when it arrived.  I spend most of the evening looking for the long list of things, and then after finding all but like 5 items, I gave up and let my husband have a turn, and he found all but 1, Ok so he's better then  me at those kinds of things.

Find it at the beach
Find It At the Beach debuted June of 2006. It features ocean blue end caps and over 40 hidden items with a beach theme in soothing blues, greens and coral colored pellets. This is an exciting game that is a great travel game with its enclosed pieces that will never get lost! Can you find the ray, whale, beach chair, shark, bathing suit or light-house in this contained adventure? The hard-to-find penny is still included in the Find It At the Beach game. Play Find It At the Beach in your home at the cabin , car or office. Includes Find It At the Beach game and a check off pad. For one or more players and enjoyed by all whether you are 8 or 98!

I can not for the life of me find the penny, my husband did but not at a clear enough angle to tell what year it is. Someday, I'm sure we will, maybe in a couple of weeks when we take a road trip to a wedding it will give me something to do in the car. I'm sure that my kids will want a turn to...  the only real question not is which one will we buy next? I'm thinking either

Glitz& Glamour for my girls
Sports, as another Family share one.

I also love the fact the item list is on the tip of each container, so that even if you lose the notepad it comes with, you can still find the items inside. Overall yes I would and plan to buy more of the Find It Games, which leads to me recommend them to all of you.

Funky Monkey T-Shirt Review

Here at we have over twenty years experience in the screen printing industry and take pride in offering an honest, easy to understand way of doing business. We believe that you, our customer, are searching for someone to fulfil your printing needs without stress and with your satisfaction being our main aim.
We have tried to make this site as straightforward as possible and realise that most of our existing customers welcome speaking to a real person who is eager to help and listen to your requirements so that we can use our experience to the full. 

I had the chance to do a review of the Funky Monkey T-Shirt from T-shirts are T-shirts, but some are cheap and thin, and wear out within a couple wears. Some have great designs, that fall off after a couple washings, I am thrilled to be able to tell you that none of these apply to the shirt I received from I have worn it more then a couple times, and it is still in great shape. the print still looks brand new, just like the day it arrived. I the shirt has also washed well, no fuzziness, or holes.

I recieved the grey color, which was perfect for me, since I have very pale skin, dark colors just don't look well, and I love the fact whenever I wear it, my son who is 2 will point out the monkey, and the colors really are bright which makes me think any design printed, I am sure will really love just the way it turns out. 

I got my shirt super fast to, so I am certain they will offer you the same quality. Head in over and check out the variety of shirt colors, and Styles for you logo. Great for teams to.. so check out
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Swaddle Designs Review and Giveaway US and Canada Only. Ends 9/16


Lynette Damir, RN, CEO and Creative Director, founded SwaddleDesigns in 2002. The inspiration for SwaddleDesigns was sparked when Lynette visited families with new babies in their homes and she noticed they struggled with swaddling for two reasons. First, the blanket they were using was too small or too thick, and second, they could not remember how to make a good secure swaddle. The parents consistently asked her to share the secret of the hospital nurses - how to swaddle.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Glass Dharma Glass Straw Review and Giveaway US only ends 9/

David Leonhardt.
has been a lampworker (glassblower) for over 10 years. His  wife, Gail & himself recently moved from the Sacramento, CA area,to their dream of living on the Mendocino Coast. 
I started doing some work for a local glass shop in town and noticed that the owner had glass drinking straws for sale. I had never heard of these before and I am always intrigued by something made out of glass that I hadn’t thought of.  I was struck by the unique elegance in such a simple item

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BathLuve Review and Giveaway

Blogger Button 2010.jpg

Our house only has one bathtub, and it's in our up stairs bathroom, now to most people this may not seem like a big problem, however neither bathroom has a heating vent, and I live in a state that is cold 6 months out of the year, and although we use space heaters, when the kids, were little babies we use to bath them as fast as possible, so they didn't freeze, which never gave them the chance to splash and kick around. I'm thrilled to be able to tell you about a great product that surely would have helped me. It's called the Bath Luve, and it looks like this

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summit Toys

My son is very much a boy at the age of 2, he loves to be outside, and his sisters love to play with poly poly bugs, so now he thinks bugs are really cool. Mommy on the other hand does not,  but I will not discourage them from wanting to learn about bugs,  I was beyond happy when the box from Summit Toys Backyard Safari Outfitters section arrived.

The kids received and have loved playing with

Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest
It’s your most essential piece of field gear. It’s rugged, and tough enough for all your outdoor adventures. Plenty of cargo pockets means lots of space to load up. Six D-Rings and two shoulder epaulets let you clip and hang more essential gear. A large zipper pocket stores your trusty binocs and a clear-view chest pocket stores your Pop-Up Field Guides™. The back of the vest features a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap and two extra mesh pockets for storing extra gear. It’s the must-have for every BACKYARD SAFARI™ kid.

My oldest loves this. as they all play with one particular item we received, and this was her choice, because it allows her to play with the other 2 but not to be so down and dirty, as she is kinda a girly girl. The kids all really like all the pockets though, and I can see this vest having many more adventures in my house.

Field Binoculars 
The BACKYARD SAFARI™ FIELD BINOCULARS are standard issue for every outdoor enthusiast. The 5 X 30 power crystal clear optics bring nature up close in crisp detail. Adjustable, rugged, and waterproof, these binocs are the first piece of equipment you need in your collection of ESSENTIAL FIELD GEAR

My 4 year old loves these, she likes to be able to see the animals in the trees, the traffic on the street, and even what is going on, in the other end of the house. It's so fun to watch the kids outside, and to listen to the imaginations they have. I wondered about the durability of these, but they really seem to hold up well.

And last but not least....

Bug Wrangler's Extreme Suction Bug Vacuum
There are THOUSANDS of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs in your backyard – catch them LIVE with your Bug Vac! Look at bugs UP-CLOSE with built-in magnifying Glass! CAPTURE CORE attaches to the Bug Habitat (sold separately) for easy transfer of your insects.

This is my son's favorite new toy. he calls it his " bug gun" and the kids all love to use it when ever they see a bug in the house, to get it outside. It really is strong enough to suck  up most types of bugs. 

There  are so many more toys in the Backyard Safari Collection to check out, and some I see my self buying for my kids, when my son gets a little older. Overall the toys are well made, and most are reasonably priced. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bee-Free Honee Review

My name is Katie Sanchez, I own RAES Foods and am the creator of Bee Free Honee.  I'd like to tell you a little about our company.

RAES Foods, Inc. is a family business, based in Minnesota.  Even the company name is part of the family.

R: Rosa, my mother-in-law
A: Agustin, my father-in-law, my husband, and my son
E: Emma, my daughter
S: Sanchez, our family name

Pronounced "Ray's" and Ray is my father.  Even the image of the apple tree, the product logo, is an original painting by my sister, Meri DeCaria.  A well established artist in Utah and director of Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake City.  

Bee Free Honee is made in Minnesota and using strictly Midwest apples.  The bottles and caps are from Stillwater, MN, the boxes from Golden Valley, MN, and the printing is done in Minneapolis.  I strive to keep things local and as green as possible.  That hasn't always been easy and it is usually a little more expensive, but I have made personal commitment to be an asset to my community and to this world in any way I can, so I see it as a non-negotiable deal.

Bee Free Honee is hopefully just the beginning.  I hope to have the opportunity to meet you at one of our sampling demos, but if you cannot get out to meet me in person, please feel free to write.  Visit our Contact page for information.

I do love Honey on certain things, but because I have had little ones, on and off for years not I have never had it in the house. When I was given the chance to try Bee-Free Honee I thought it would be a great experience. 
 As soon as the box Arrived, I had to open the bottle and Give it a try, it does have a sweet taste, but also a very different taste then bee honey. 

I can not say I prefer Bee-Free Honee over regular honey for things like biscuits, but it really is good in recipes, and that is the best way for me to use it.   I do like the fact that the cost stays the same, unlike bee honey, and that even the younger kids, can have it because there is no risk of botulism.  Because it's made from  apples, pure Kane sugar,and lemon juice, it's even great for vegans.  Also a neat fact is that every part of Bee-Free Honee, including the packaging is made in Minnesota. 

If your looking for a new taste, or are allergic to bee honey ,Why not give Bee-Free Honee a chance? Available on

Green Ostrich Solar Flashlight Review and Giveaway.

Green Ostrich
A woman-owned business founded in 2009 based just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Green Ostrich™ started with the following observation: the energy-intensive retail stores that we frequent do not offer many Earth-friendly, green products. That, and we were spending a lot of time and energy driving in our car to and from these stores.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Send A Ball Review

Sendaball, Inc.

is a family business headquartered in Chicago. It is owned by a couple of BALLSY sisters who live across the street from each other in the same northwestside Chicago neighborhood they grew up in. They have been sending balls since the 90s, but one day in 2003, it seemed this CRAZY idea was meant to be a BUSINESS. 

Michele tells it like this:
How did it start? I come from the direct mail world, so I knew the mailing rules. I made a practice of sending silly things in the mail over the years. One day I was in Osco, saw a BIN of bouncy balls, grabbed one and thought "I can mail this". Took a sharpie, addressed it to my BFF Sharon, wrote "Have BALL with your new baby", went to the post office and mailed it. Sharon loved it so much, my sister and i sent them again and again to other friends. A few years later while standing in line at the post office, a guy behind me asked about the balls and asked if I could send one for him. Initially I instructed him in the steps to do it himself, but by the time we got to the front of the line, he had given me the info and $5. Laughing, I called my sister and told her how funny that just was. She said, " MICH, I THINK WE ARE ONTO SOMETHING".
Melisa tells it like this: When I got that call, I told Michele I had just been to an OPRAH the night before about women who took a chance & started a business with their unique ideas; I told her to listen to me, (she is older) and told her that these were all 'signs' and WE should start a business, and NOW. 

Number one rule - if someone offers to pay you to do something you are already doing, you may have a business!!! (Donny Deutsch said this all the time on his show THE BIG IDEA). Sendaball has been very fortunate to have been growing since 2003 by taking baby steps in the business world. Our customers are the absolute best, and most order over and over. Many of the people who get a sendaball in the mail, order a ball for someone else. We enjoy hearing the stories from the customers about how a simple ball coming in the mail can bring so much laughter. Oh the stories we could tell. Maybe we should write a book!Michele is married and has four children. Melisa is married and has 3 children .
Before starting SENDaBALL, we spent many hours trying to come up with a way to run a business so at least ONE of us could stay home with the children. Who would have thought the idea was there all along. One of our brothers, Marc (we call him Sparky), lives next door. His wife, Deanna works for SENDaBALL, too. It is truely a family affair. The sisters have two other brothers who don't live on the same block, but are certainly ON CALL if they are needed.

Cards, are something sent for many occasions but can be a little plain. I get boxes, Poly mailers, but I think the funnest thing to receive was a Send-A- Ball! I do think my kids loved it as much as I did though, my son claimed it and, Yes it is still floating around  as a matter a fact, in a house with 3 kids and a dog, it has held up great.

It just so happens that it arrived a couple weeks before my birthday to, how nice was that.  I really like this idea and Think maybe it would be a great idea, to send my kids and a few friends I know on their birthdays, or special days next year. 

Wouldn't this one be great for an anniversary or valentines day idea?


What a great way to Say Get well, And it is a very nice surprise, and feeling to open your mailbox

Proof that it fits in most mail boxes,  I did make sure my address isn't showing and that is only for my protection, but I assure you it did indeed come in the mail delivered just as the ball, the other side contains my address.

Want to Send A Ball to someone special look here