Monday, May 16, 2011

A special relationship started in 1992 when Robert Taylor, then ten years old, was enrolled in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program by his mom. Her goal was to find a role model for Robert.
At this time, Brian Lewis was waiting to be paired with a little brother. When Brian was young he had wanted to enroll in the program as a Little Brother but he had never been able to do so. As an adult, Brian decided what a better time to fulfill the need another child may have.
Robert was successfully matched with Brian through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Aurora, IL. They have maintained this relationship since they were matched, which brings us to the present time. is the brainchild of Robert and Brian. Their goal is to have a little fun and put a smile on the face of your loved ones.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to playing a small part in the special occasions of your life with these cuddly, huggable gifts, personalized to make them memorable., has some of the cutest bears I've ever seen,  and you can have a teddy bear delivered for almost any occasion. They have bears for  Graduation
Smarty Teddy Bear
Or you can take this cute little guy
Graduation Teddy Bear - Goober 18 Inches
and dress him in
Personalized Graduation Teddy Bear.

They have baby gift bears and Baskets.
Fun For Boys Gift Basket
For Boys
Neopolitan Baby Diaper Cake Pink Care Package
and Girls

Get well soon bears?
Who wouldn't feel better after receiving
Sicky Vicky
Sicky Vicki 


Illie Willie
Illie Willie

And sometimes we just need that perfect gift to thank you.

Brooklyn the Chocolately Swirl Teddy Bear - 15 inches
Thank You Bears , what a great idea, 
Brooklyn here came to live with is and He is so Soft, and even cuter then he looks here, His fur kinda of swirls in a unique way,and ever since he arrived he was been treasured by all 3 of my kids. If your looking for a gift Idea, Try out


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