Monday, May 9, 2011

Luminess Air Review

Luminess Air was developed by leading makeup artists from the fashion, print, television and film industries along with cosmetic chemists and colorists.  Our Luminess Air formulators and cosmetics designers have a minimum of 15 to 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry and have run the research and development departments of some of the leading cosmetics brands in the country. Our formulations are rated amongst the best makeup in terms of quality, result and design.
Luminess Air never tests products on animals.  We believe in making our cosmetics as simple, holistic, organic and natural as possible.  And you will never find us sitting still; our designers and formulators are constantly working on the next generation innovation to revolutionize the cosmetic industry.
Today, Luminess Air is the leader in airbrush cosmetics with the most advanced airbrush cosmetics formulations and airbrush innovations.  Chances are that you have seen our product on Hollywood A-listers, films, TV shows, covers of major fashion magazines, runway shows, network television anchors and celebrities for a while now without ever knowing about Luminess Air.  We were once only available to the trade by word-of-mouth but today, Luminess Air is available for everyone.
Furthermore, Luminess Air and its founders have a strong sense of responsibility and giving back to communities, organizations and causes, which help those in need.  Luminess Air strongly supports UNICEF and other children's causes along with various breast cancer and women’s health organizations.  We believe that everyone should have one more chance!

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I was given the chance to review the Luminess Air make up system, and I love it. I was intrigued at the idea of being able to cover up the flaws my teenage acne left behind, and in all the years I have warn makeup, it's always shown through. I am so pale that concealers tend to still show, and makes me self conscious. It's also amazing to known your doing your make up the same way the stars have theirs done.

I have used my Luminess Air air brush system now everyday, because I love the coverage it gives me. My husband likes the fact I am actually " dolling " myself up. He does also joke now though that I am actually painting my face.  I still love it even if it means I'm painting my face. 

Air Brushing my foundation on isn't any more complicated then using a brush to apply foundation. The Luminess  Air airbrushing system is super easy to use, and isn't loud at all. Even my 2 year old can turn it on and off. I did receive the one with 3 speeds and I really prefer this, as I not a fan at all of the first speed, maybe it's because it's a narrow stream, but for some reason it is just not for me. 

Luminess Air Starter kit comes with  4 different shades of foundation for what they call the best color match. The DVD tells you to spray each color on the inside of your arm to see what your best match was, and to me, this didn't seem to work, because one blended perfect on my arm, but gave me no coverage on my face, and the  others were way to dark on my arm, but one was not as bad on my face, now I just mix 2 and 3 together and get a great match.

I will say this though, the eye shadow colors are a little to dark for fair skinned me. So I airbrush   my foundation on and apply my eye make up with a brush, it still takes about the same time. I would defiantly recommend Luminess Air.  


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