Friday, October 26, 2012

Kidtoons November Feature with BoGo Ticket offer and Giveaway Ends11/20

Kidtoons Logo

Kidtoons is dedicated to helping parents connect with their kids by bringing family friendly animated movies to the big screen every weekend at participating theatres across the country.  Check HERE  for a theater near you.
Participating Kidtoons theatres showcase a fun, affordable family friendly matinee movie and provide a family experience filled with entertaining, kid-friendly characters, as well as cartoon shorts, music videos and sing-alongs before each movie. We even have fun giveaways for the kids, such as stickers, temporary tattoos, activity books or toys after every film.
As parents, and as producers of kids’ entertainment, we launched the Kidtoons program to enable families to enjoy movies on the big screen on a regular basis. We know that parents are looking for opportunities to connect with their children, and enjoying the movie-going experience as a family provides easy and fun opportunities for togetherness.
As part of making sure that the content is age appropriate, we’ve asked an expert, Dr. Donna Mitroff, to talk with you about our movies each month. Check out Dr. Donna’s reviews for additional information about the plot, the level of action and the types of humor in the movie, as well as some thought-provoking discussion points for the whole family.

This Months Feature is :
A bit about the movie:
In “Welcome to LazyTown,” the inquisitive, adventurous and playful Stephanie comes to live in LazyTown and meets a zany mix of townspeople, including the world’s laziest super-villain, Robbie Rotten.  Fortunately for Stephanie, LazyTown is also under the watchful eye of Sportacus, an athletic, super-fit, Super Hero  who runs, jumps, flips and flies to the rescue in his futuristic AirShip.  Sportacus always manages to save the day and help the kids of LazyTown foil Robbie’s latest lazy schemes.


The Prize Pack Includes:
1 Welcome to Lazytown DVD

LazyTown PrizePack

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Nickelodeon Activity Day at Toys"R" Us nationwide Tomorrow 10/13


 Tomorrow, October 13th from 12-2, Toys“R”Us stores nationwide will host a Nickelodeon Activity Day, where kids and their families will be able to interact with some of their favorite brands, including Dora the ExplorerTeam UmizoomiWinx ClubSpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Upon entering Toys“R”Us, kids will receive a SpongeBob SquarePants ‘Mystery with a Twistery’ case file containing a reveal magnifying glass, mystery activity sheet and images of SpongeBob products available in the store. After gathering their SpongeBob case file, kids will be able to take a photo with the 5-foot SpongeBob cutout and then use their magnifying glass to search for clues to help them answer questions on the activity cards in the kit.

Additionally, kids can participate in several Nickelodeon-themed activities including a Dora the Explorer sticker activity sheet; Team Umizoomi color by number activity sheet with crayons; ‘design your own’ Winx Club door hanger with glitter stickers and crayon and ‘design your own’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mask with crayons.


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nickelodeon Catalog Roundup: Halloween

Nickelodeon Catalog Dvd Round up:

All Titles Are Now Available 

Nickelodeon Favorites: Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat? Halloween is a special time of year and this DVD has all of your favorite Nickelodeon friends as they discover candy, costumes and haunted happenings.  This year, celebrate Halloween with Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, Wonder Pets!, Yo Gabba Gabba, Blue’s Clues and Ni Hao, Kai-lan.

Catalogue: 895024
DVD SRP: $16.99

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Halloween Parade
Join Dora and her friends on exciting Halloween adventures in this four-episode DVD. In addition to the title episode, “Dora’s Halloween Parade” includes “Boo!,” “The Backpack Parade” and “Dora, la musico.”

Catalogue: 822374
DVD SRP: $16.99

Yo Gabba Gabba: Halloween!

Excitement abounds as the characters dress up in outrageous costumes and gather private stashes of candy. Through “The Fall Song” “Halloween Party Song” and “Trick or Treat Song” the characters learn what happens on Halloween, and just as important, the song “Too Much Candy” helps the characters to understand eating candy in moderation. The DVD contains 3 additional episodes.
Catalogue: 894084
DVD SRP: $16.99

Go, Diego, Go!: Halloween
Help Diego and Freddie the Fruit Bat save the llamas so they can deliver Halloween treats to all of the animals!  “Diego’s Halloween” includes “Freddie The Fruit Bat Saves Halloween,” “Diego and Dora Help Baby Monarch Get to the Festival,” “Alicia Saves the Crocodile!” and “Manatee’s Mermaid Rescue!”

Catalogue: 892204
DVD SRP: $16.99

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Crayola Back To School Spark

Crayola is a company I have known about for years. They make so many great things, crayons, markers, Color wonder markers, and even some of our favorite building items called jumbles. We recently got to try out some very awesome products from Crayola that my kids had a blast with.

Crayola Bright Fabric Markers

Crystal Effects Window Markers
These are awesome! Ms.L and Ms.H had a blast  drawing on the kitchen windows, they make really cool designs . These markers actually got my husband to put down a video game controller and draw with them. I just wish I had my camera working at the time.

Crayola Window Mega Markers

These markers didn't get the use they would have because our school colors are Blue and Yellow, my favorite sports team is blue and gold , and my husband's is green and white.  They do write great and they are wide enough ti color is large areas fast. I just wish they came with my color choices. 

Wild Notes Index Cards

Even I love using these, they are very neat. When you write anything on these note cards with the special pen, it shows up in different colors , sort of like a rainbow. I use these in many things, if I want to write a note to Ms. H  and slid it in her backpack telling her to have a great day or good luck on an important test.

Wild Notes Sticky Notes
These are great to make a fun reminder message to myself or to leave a message on ms. H's bed that a friend called or I
even used them to mark birthdays on the calendar these little sticky notes fit great on textbook pages, planners to tell a teacher to call you, or that your child will be leaving early and could she please send along the work that will be missed.

Wild Notes 1 Subject Notebook
This was taken over the moment it came by Ms.L for her " journal". To a 5 year old it's a great place to express herself.  My to by a couple more for me to use.She uses pictures and words she is learning. Admittedly I would have to say if I had this when I was in school I might have practices way more on all my subjects. 

Dual-Sided Dry-Erase Board

The dual sided dry erase board fell into the hands of Mr,Z  right away he began to learn how it works. He loves the fact he can write on either side and if he " messes up" as he calls it or his sisters but in he has the option to just wipe it off and start again. This is the best item for little ones. I have been working on teaching him his letters and numbers and this has saved us so much paper.

Want the chance to try out some of these great products

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Big Time Rush:BackStage Pass for DS and Big Time Rush Dance Party for Wii Release


Big Time Rush: Dance Party on the Wii™ system from Nintendo and Big Time Rush: Backstage Pass for the Nintendo DS™ hand-held system soundtracks. Based on Nickelodeon’s hit TV show and teen music phenomenon, Big Time Rush, players are given an all-access backstage pass to experience the thrill of on-stage performances as they sing and dance to the beat of the boy band’s hit songs.

Go behind the scenes and check out the new assets for the game here.
In Big Time Rush: Dance Party (Wii), players dance and sing along with Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan as the guys record their album, practice choreography, and start touring on the way to the big concert. Players can unlock exclusive cut scenes for up close and personal footage that can only be found in the game.

 Big Time Rush: Backstage Pass (Nintendo DS) offers on-the-go fun, featuring songs that include fan favorites such as “Windows Down,” “Til I Forget About You,” and “Boyfriend.” Players follow along to the beat of the selected tracks, using the touch screen to tap, hold, drag and scribble on cue to earn maximum points. Fans can watch music-style videos to see behind-the-scenes views of the band in action from on stage to the tour bus and more.
Now in its third season, Big Time Rush – which follows four best friends from Minnesota who trade in their hockey sticks for music superstardom in Los Angeles – averages 3.6 million total viewers. The launch of the hit series on Nickelodeon drew 6.8 million viewers, making it the most watched live-action series premiere in the network’s history.
Big Time Rush: Dance Party on Wii ($29.99) and Big Time Rush: Backstage Pass for Nintendo DS ($29.99) are developed by Black Lantern Studios and rated “E” for Everyone by the ESRB. 

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