Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today is Sunday ...

Today is Sunday July 31, and here I sit in my kitchen at 8:40 am watching my 2 year old, wander around the house, my girls are playing in the next room oh so sweetly... and this is one of those great moments where I can not help but sit here and love my life for the wonderful blessings I have.

My 3 great children.. who without them my life would never be complete... and as they grow up ever so fast, I truly treasure even the screaming and fighting between them because I know all to soon, they will be out on their own.
My darling daughter Haley is already 8, she starts 3rd grade in a few weeks, and I swear it hasn't been that long since she was a mischievous toddler, and not she's growing up into this beautiful girl.

My sweet Lillian is already 4, and growing up way faster them she should , I just don't know where all the time is going. She's going to school this fall ( sniff,sniff) and I am so proud of all her accomplishments.

My dear Zachery, my baby is 2...  He's into everything, drives me crazy, but at the end of the day I can't think of anything better then his first thing in the morning cuddles, he just can't do without.

I think back to this song often because it has a lot of truth behind it.

It's called your going to miss this... and it's sung by trace Adkins.

I am also very thankful  for the man I married...  as much as he can drive me nuts, I am still madly in love with him, and truly couldn't imagine my life with out him in it. He works hard so I can be home with the kids... yes I do have a daycare... so I work but I can honestly say I am the one raising my children.. instead of someone else. 

Next up I would have to say I married into one of the best families and I love them all very dearly. I may not be close to my own family but for the last 10 years they welcomed me with open arms... and are all so loving. 

Over all : Yes Times can be rough, but I can honestly say I LOVE MY LIFE!


My Baby Clothes Boutique Review and Giveaway US ONLY

My Baby Clothes Boutique

There is nothing more precious than a little baby girl or boy.  At we strive to bring you the most fashion forward and unique baby clothes on the web, all at a Guaranteed Lowest Price! 
Our team searches to find the cutest, most comfortable, and highest quality clothes and accessories available.  Our goal is to offer these unique and trendy boutique style clothes at affordable prices. 
The My Baby Clothes Boutique customer service team is available to handle your questions and concerns

My Baby Clothes Boutique really does have some of the cutest clothing...
Good Lad Black and Khaki Guayaberas Short Set
Really how can you resist this little guy in his Good Lad shirt and shorts set
which sells for $19.99
Baby Aspen Baby Chef Three Piece Layette in Culinary Themed Gift Box
This outfit is just to precious  by Baby Aspen 3 piece gift set
which sells for $25.00

Lullaby Embroidery Rose Swirl Minky Gown
How comfy does she look in this adorable dress by Lullaby Embroidery
Which sells for a $34.99

Mud Pie EIEIO Cow Bubble Dress
and this dress is moo-tastic by Mud Pie and priced at only $20.00.

The quality of the clothing you will find at My Baby Clothes Boutique really is superb, they don't carry just any brands they carry the best brands, and the prices are really good compared to the department stores that carry the same brands. 
I received this 
ONeill Gray Mason Button Down Shirt
Grey button Down by O'neil and let me tell you it looks so cute on my little guy. He wore it out to dinner one night, and I washed it because he spilled something on it, I pulled it out of the washer and dryer thinking I would need to iron it, but I 
was pleasantly surprised that is was still perfect, nothing was wrinkled. 

My Baby Clothes Boutique offers far more then what I have showed you here...
They also offer
Baby Clothes
Baby Hats
Baby headbands.

My Baby Clothes has offered one of you a $25 gift code to their store


Saturday, July 30, 2011

U printing giveaway Us Only ends 8/4, a leading socially responsible online printing, marketing and technology firm, has established itself as a major player in the industry with its distinct vision and clear approach to helping small businesses grow. It serves thousands of on-demand business printing and graphic printing orders online daily, using high-quality press printing and a robust yet simple and easy-to-use online ordering system, resulting in high-end printing services and reliable color printing at discount printing costs.

With its signature easy-to-use website interface, has earned customer loyalty by offering more customizable offset printingdigital printing and large format printing options than other online printers. The company is popular for its Free File Review, a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment. also offers convenient marketing support such as print design services, custom online printing quotes and direct mailing to help the small or medium-sized business grow. is committed to social responsibility and eco-friendly printing initiatives that support non-profit organizations and environmental sustainability. Having been online since 2000, this is one printer of choice if you're looking for Los Angeles printingor even printing in Puerto Rico; its offices and facilities are located in Van Nuys, CA.

U Printing offers many different items Printed, 
Which are to nice, I love return labels that are customized as to include as much or as little info as needed.

Nightclub Flyers
Poster Signs
Rack Cards
Sales Sheets

and lots more... U printing is a great place for all your printing needs.

Standard Stickers

Roll Stickers

Now for the giveaway:
One winner will receive

250 Customizable Labels
2" x 3.5" 70lb Label Matte, Front Only Printing, 4 Business Days Turnaround and you must be A US resident and 18 years old or older. 

This giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given and I will receive stickers  for hosting. Check out standard label templates  on

winners 7/28

Lesli said...11

I follow you through Networked Blogs. {Lesli}

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Goddess Garden - Pure Enlightened Suncare

Tara Oliver said...30

I like them on Facebook!
tara.the.equestrian at gmail dot com

Melissa Vera
Shoulder Buddies
Terri Crum


All winners have been e-mailed and have 48 hours to respond.

Zac Bars Review

Zac Bar products are natural in their entirety. We bake them with care at our family bakery in the Pacific Northwest with the goal of providing all of the convenience and good taste of an on-the-go snack, while skipping the high-fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients.
Zac Bars were created as the solution to a problem for owner Tom Fitzgerald. Tom had been providing fresh baked cookies to local public schools for almost ten years when rules regarding school meals began to rapidly change.
National attention began to turn to subjects such as childhood obesity, school nutrition, and revising outdated and neglected federal food regulations. Tom sensed big change coming. He knew it would not be long before his home-style cookies were forbidden for use in school meals.
It was clear to Tom that he needed a snack bar product. He used fresh ingredients already at his disposal, a vision for what he thought would taste good. Tom spent his weekends and late nights experimenting with different baking formulas.
Finally, the Zac Omega bar was created. Tom took the a chewy outer biscuit made of rolled oats, whole grain wheat flour and flax seed flour and filled it with all natural fruit jam.
Tom’s excitement and continual improvements to his products was contagious. Moms were elated to have a natural and wholesome snack that their children would enjoy eating. Schools, seeing the response from students, were enthusiastic about making such an easy snack option available.
Zac Bars Inc. continues at the pace that Tom has set. We continually work to evaluate and improve on the products we offer. We will always stick to what we know best – snacks that are all natural, tasty and honest.
When I was asked to review Zac Bars How could I say no?  After all they share a name with my son Z also known as Zachery.  There is also the fact that my kids, love to eat cereal bars, Granola Bars,and fruit bars so I was sure my kids would love to eat these.  We got to try out a whole bunch of the great flavors that Zac Bars come in.. First up is the Zac Attack Bars
Apple Zac Attack Bar
Natural apple spice flavoring adds sweet nutmeg and cinnamon notes to the tartness of the apple filling. Soft molasses keeps the flax seed flour and whole-wheat flour biscuit soft. Like all Zac Attack snack bars, this snack is 100% whole grain! Grab a Zac Attack bar when you need a smaller, quicker pick-me-up!

Strawberry Zac Attack Bars
A fan favorite! Our custom strawberry jam gives this chewy snack bar great balanced taste. The chewy outer biscuit is sweetened with molasses, brown sugar and honey. Like all Zac Attack snack bars, this snack is 100% whole grain!

I gave the kids these during snack time one day... and even my picky eaters loved them, no complaints at all, which is a big compliment from my lovely children.
My son actually asked me for more... I absolutely love the fact that it's healthy as well as yummy for them.
Now for the Zac Omega Bars
HoneyOat ApplePie
The Pacific Northwest is famous for its apples, and that is what we use in our Honey Oat Apple Zac Omega bar. Our custom blend of spices bring out this bar's natural sweet and tangy apple notes for a snack that is reminiscent of apple pie.
Marion Berry Bar
A Marionberry is Oregon's own version of a blackberry. These berries are well suited to Oregon's maritime climate and warm summers, producing a berry that carries the full flavor and sweetness of a traditional blackberry with the added tartness of a raspberry. We invite you try this unique flavor for yourself!

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam 
Remember warm summer days, lemonaid and mom's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off? Our most substantial bar, Zac Omega Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam is an excellent snack, whether you are packing a sack lunch or need some energy while cycling a half century.

Honey Oat Raspberry 
Oregon grown raspberries lend a perfect and unmistakeable blend of sweetness and tartness to this Zac Omega bar. As with all Zac Omega bars, this snack bar is high in fiber, protein and ALA Omega-3 fatty acids. When you pick up a Zac Omega bar, you've made a great choice!

Honey Oat Strawberry
Zac Omega Strawberry bars are easy to eat! Our home-style strawberry jam keeps the wheat and flaxseed flour buscuit chewy and moist. Because we don't use artificial colors or preservatives, the sweet, oaty taste that lingers will leave you satisfied and ready to get going.

A great pick me up for that middle of the afternoon snack craving.. or maybe a quick item to take on that early morning hike for an energy boost check out Zac Bars 


Friday, July 29, 2011

Cool Gear International Review

We at Cool Gear pride ourselves on our reputation. Since 1986, we have been conceptualizing and developing ideas, turning them into products and bringing them to the marketplace. We deliver innovative and imaginative products to the marketplace while providing a 100% customer satisfaction policy.
We are recognized for infusing both a fresh approach and fashionable colors, while providing the consumer an innovative product at a great value. Our proprietary gel products are patented in the USA, as well as foreign countries.
Our talented staff of graphic artists and product designers work together to develop exciting new ideas from concept to final product. We custom design product, packaging, and point of purchase displays for retailers as well as the premium market.
Cool Gear International Inc. - Where innovation and value meet to generate exciting ideas and useful solutions.

Cool Gear is a brand I have seen at the grocery store when looking for a new pitcher and though they had some really neat products for kids, such as
EZ-Freeze® Cereal On The Go #083EZ-Freeze® Cookie Dunker #240EZ-Freeze® 13oz  Swirleez #246
 the  Cereal to go, the cookie dunker and the E-Z freeze mixer for children, and I think these are all very neat and creative ideas, which make things fun for children.
EZ Freeze Stayfit Lunch 2 GoEZ-Freeze Stayfit Salad ShakerEZ-Freeze Stayfit Snack 'n Dip
What about the working Adult trying be eat healthy. maybe the stayfit line is for you? With the lunch to go, salad shaker, and the snack n' dip , as just a few of the great products sure to make eating healthy on the go easy and enjoyable.

now for the my thoughts on a few products I was sent to try out.
Energy 18 oz Laser
Energy 18oz Laser Hydration bottle

  • BPA Free water bottle (no bisphenol A)
  • Keeps drinks cold
  • Non-toxic freezer gel

I received this in Purple, and after convincing my 4 year old it was mommy's I got to wash it, and test it out.  I put the stick in the freezer right after hand washing it, and left it to freeze. I love that you can put the bottle in the dishwasher on the top rack. 
I think this bottle is the perfect size to use while doing a short workout, or to take the dog for a walk on a hot summer day. 
Raceway 12oz  Aluminum water bottle #774
12oz Aluminum Bottle Raceway.
I thought this would be perfect for my son, as my girls have has water bottles for a while. He was thrilled and couldn't wait to use it. I washed it out, filled it up ,and watched him try to drink. He is only 2 and does know how to drink from a straw just fine but like most little kids, he tips it up , and then the straw doesn't work but the bottle then pours on him or the floor. I think I will be letting my 4 year old use it instead.

24 oz Create A Tag
24oz Create a tag
 • BPA Free (no bisphenol A)
• Made with Tritan™ material from Eastman Chemical Company
    • Design your own bottle tag
• Keeps drinks cold
• Non-toxic freezer gel
    • Hand wash freezer stick (all other parts are dishwasher safe, top shelf only)

This bottle is to tall for my top rack in the dishwasher so it's hand washing for me.
I love the size and shape of this bottle, it makes it super easy to drink and hang onto with sweaty hands. The freeze stick really does help keep things colder longer and means I don't need to add ice to my workout water. I haven't actually created the tag yet but will soon and it's super easy to do.

Cool Gear products are available in stores all over the world, and select products are sold in their online store here.  Cool Gear products are durable, and some are very unique so what more reason do you have to check them out today?

Hapari Swimwear Review and Giveaway Us only

Hapari Swimwear Logo

Hapari Swimwear was founded when a couple of designer moms put their heads together to try to solve all the problems found in a traditional swimsuit. Unhappy with the available options—it seemed impossible to find a swimsuit that was both flattering and stylish—they decided to create a line of swimwear that real women would love to put on. From that beginning Hapari has seen incredible growth, largely thanks to our commitment to provide quality, modest swimwear that help women everywhere feel beautiful and confident.
What Makes Us Unique
Hapari’s line of swimwear is distinctive, since each suit is designed with body shaping secrets that help women feel attractive. No woman should feel uncomfortable or insecure when she is trying to have fun, and our suits are made with that purpose in mind. Very few of us are blessed with absolutely perfect bodies, and all our tankinis, bikinis, and one piece suits are especially made to enhance the curves you love while downplaying those you don’t.
We truly offer a stylish swimsuit for every figure. Most women have trouble with their midsection, but Hapari’s exclusive Tummy Tuk bottoms can be your little secret for tummy coverage and containment. All of Hapari’s tankinis and one pieces are made with secret pockets sewn into the breast area that can be fitted with our Illusions silicone enhancements that will supplement your curves. Our S.O.S. tankinis feature the same gorgeous prints as our other suits, but are built with an underwire directly into the suit to give you added support where you need it most.
Up-to-the-Minute Fashions
At Hapari, we stay on top of the latest swimsuit trends, and we believe that great coverage and support should not come at a sacrifice to fashion. With hip suits ranging from trendy tankinis to anything-but-boring one pieces, you are sure to find something to love.
Our line of tankini swimwear can be worn in three ways: halter-top, criss-cross back, or tank style, which gives you the option of choosing which works best for you. You can also match any of our tankini or bikini tops with any of our bottoms, which means that you can design a one-of-a-kind swimsuit that fits your individual needs. All our stunning, modest swimwear is made to move. They look great and stay comfortably in place no matter what your activity.
Hapari’s Success
In the last year alone, Hapari has seen a 137% growth through online sales. We know this would not be possible without our loyal customers who share the good news about Hapari’s shape saving secrets with their friends and family. With our women’s swimwear line, an expanding line of plus size swimwear, junior’s and girl’s sizing, and men’s and boy’s swim trunks, Hapari is poised to remain at the top of the swimsuit game for years to come.

Hapari caught my eye with an ad I saw on someone's blog, and immediately I had to check out the rest of their site that defiantly did not leave me disappointed at all. They offer a great variety of styles... for every body type.
Raspberry Ice Twist Bikini Swimwear
Retro V-Neck Tankini Swimwear
Hapari Girl Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit
Open sided one pieces as well as

Island Fever Sport One Piece Swimsuit
Sport one pieces

Hapari also offers Plus Size and Juniors Swim Wear. Which is nice, because they also sell girls swimwear my daughter and I could get matching swim wear... not that I ever would.  I  Love the suit I choose, but they  do run a little small. I choose the suit Pictured under Tankinis. It will look great next year for are bi yearly trip to Florida. Because I know we only have about 8 weeks left of warm weather here before the chilly fall weather sets in.  Plus I want to trim up a few areas this bathing suit shows off.

Although Hapari may seem a little pricey it's well worth it for the quality. 
Hapari has offered one RAFAMO3 reader an $85 gift code .