Friday, May 13, 2011

Pure Romance Review ( Pics are pg rated but links are 18 and up.)

Pure Romance
Pure Romance is an in-home party company that sells a premier line of relationship aids, including lubricants, heighteners, and bedroom accessories. Pure Romance products are not available in stores; they may be purchased online or through our network of more than 40,000 independent sales consultants throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
In its 17 years, Pure Romance has grown into a multi-million-dollar company. While many businesses have struggled during this economically troubled period, Pure Romance has continued to flourish and grow each year, confirming that its business model is essentially recession proof.

Like most couples that have been together for a while, My husband and I like to try new things, and spice up our intimacy sometimes. It's always nice to try new things to keep the passion alive, and I am no different in wanting that. Pure Romance has so much to offer. Not everything on the site is Wild and crazy, and that is one of the reasons I Like the company. For example they offer beauty products as well check out these :

Have the most kissable lips ever! Exclusive to Pure Romance, Kiss and Tell Lip Gloss is specially formulated to make soft, slow kisses even better. Each great color delivers hydrating moisture, luscious flavor, and a little bit of tingle both of you will love! Find your favorite shade for going out, a shade for every day, and an extra for kissable moments in between!
Sexy Glow Body Shimmer has pheromones sure to lead to unforgettable nights! Apply Glow Body Shimmer where you want to shine, and the natural essential oils and silk proteins will moisturize dry skin and leave you feeling silky smooth. Plus its scent and shimmer will make you feel completely sexy from head to toe. 2 oz. $18
Island Breeze, Mangosteen or Plumeria.
Pure Romance also offers Bath products with an added bonus.
Share a shower with your partner and feel a million miles away! Indulge in a bath or shower filled with pheromone-infused bubbles to spice up foreplay and tone down stress. Your own mini getaway awaits…just open the bottle! Especially gentle and sensually scented, the specialized formula leaves skin soft and sexy compliments of real California pink champagne, ginseng, and vitamins E and B. Also safe for hot tubs and Jacuzzis. 8 oz. $15.00
Island Breeze, Plumeria and Mangosteen

Or even Most of us shave those unmentionable parts right? Nothing worse then razor burn
Coochy Shave Lotion has been a bestseller for 17 years! Shave with this gentle, unisex conditioning shave cream and help prevent those unsightly red bikini bumps from crashing your most intimate moments. Sure to become a staple in your shower, Coochy smells great and is gentle for all areas of the body — in fact, it can do double duty as a moisturizing hair conditioner. Coochy is a must have!  Original, Pear Berry, Green Tea, Grapefruit, Acai Berry, Mandarin, and Peach.

Ok now on to the more mature part, for review I choose a couples box, and got to try out 
Ooh, la la! Experience the tantalizing texture of Whipped lubricant in every playful flavor! This unique body cream softens the skin with shea butter. Whipped is a rich, playful lubricant perfect for use with c-rings, sleeves, and polyurethane condoms. Creamy lubricant pack includes 1 oz. each of BLUEBERRY PIE, BOSTON CRÈME PIE AND LEMON MERINGUE PIE.
These are great tasting and lubricate well, They definitely make things a little more slippery.
I was also given the chance to try out one of the c-rings, and I was afraid it would snap, when put on, but after being used more then once, it is still intact, and stretched very easily to slide right over with a little whipped.

Sometimes, ladies, we’re just not in the mood. Ex-T-Cee™ enhancement cream to the rescue! This wonderfully scented, flavored enhancement cream was specially formulated to thrill! Air activates the mint base to provide amazing sensations and increase pleasure in just the right spot. Ex-T-Cee is perfect for first time users! 1 oz.  Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Peppermint Patty, Berry Mint and Sugar Cookie.
I wouldn't say not being in the mood is ever the problem for me, but I would say, it does make things a little quicker, for those nights when you don't have the time you would like, but still want that time together to connect.
All in all, I love Pure Romance, I would say they have wonderful products, and superior Quality. You can shop online or find a consultant near you.   


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