Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lebibble review

Le bibble
The idea for Le bibble® came while feeding my three-month old daughter a bottle that had leaked out from under the cap all over her neck and clothes - and for the hundredth time. Originally, I thought that I must have been doing something wrong. But, no matter how I put on the cap, it always leaked. Fed up with the mess, I decided to make something myself to absorb the dribbles.
So I designed Le bibble® (bib + bottle) - a bib fit for a bottle. As baby bottles could also use a makeover, I factored in style and creative design both as a matter of mom self-expression and to have a little fun.
I also wanted to eliminate a separate feeding issue we had. My daughter always finished her bottle with just enough chin dribble to require wiping but not so much to necessitate a burp cloth. I gave Le bibble® an absorbent organic underlay to easily wipe little chins so to save mom from having to put down the bottle and search for a burpie.
After making an interesting hand-sewn prototype, I decided I should borrow a sewing machine from a friend and learn the craft. Hundreds of fabrics and samples later, I had the ‘official’ prototype. My daughter became the Le bibble® test pilot.
And then the unexpected: my daughter was constantly playing and holding onto Le bibble®. She was immediately attracted to the vibrant colors and soft fabric. To make it a little more interesting for her I designed a protruding logo tag as a kind of cloth handle. Soon every time she had her bottle, her little fingers went directly to the tag to touch and twist. She soon came to use Le bibble® to pick up, hold and maneuver the bottle. Le bibble® worked!

Le bibble® collection, Le Lucie, is all about color! You’ll find ten bold, bright premium cotton designer print Le bibbles®, each with a super-absorbent double layer organic cotton underlay for wiping away dribbles. From hot pink to cornflower blue, we have something sure to please any baby, and mama, too!
Image 1
About the size of a hair tie from the 90's, but not quite as stretchy. defiantly a great accessory  for the baby bottle, a way to choose your own style. Available in both both boy and girl colors, they make a great idea to go with a baby shower gift. I love the little bottles  Le bibble come in as well, my older kids use it as a doll bottle.  I would also like to point out Le bibble features are:
- One size fits all bottles
- 100% cotton designer fabric
- Double-layer certified organic birdseye cotton underlay for wiping dribbles
- Machine Washable, Reversible
- Patent Pending
- Made in the USA


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