Monday, May 16, 2011

Spornette International Review

Spornette International was founded by Walter Sporn as The Walter Sporn Company in the very early 1950’s. One of Walter’s first ideas came after meeting an engineer who was making eye liner and lip brushes for a major cosmetic conglomerate. My Father convinced the engineer that if he could implant plastic handles with nylon bristles, then making professional hair brushes should be a snap. The engineer took his suggestion and several months later, The Walter Sporn Company introduced 2 items – the no-name 5 row and 7 row nylon bristle, plastic-handled brushes – to the professional beauty supply/distributor industry which was still in its infancy. “The Little Wonder”, “The Petite”, “The Continental”, “The Duette”, and many other original brushes were soon introduced and made Spornette brushes the industry’s standard.

As a girly girl, with thick and wavy Hair, I have always struggled to find a brush, that didn't add any more static to my hair, or any unnecessary pulling. Over the years I have tried many different brushes, the kind that are supposed to  be static free
or even the kind with super soft bristles 

the only type of brush I have personally had great Luck with was 
and I wouldn't say they are super nice to use all the time. 
I came across Spornette and after looking around, they have so many nice brushes, that I loved the chance they offered to let me try out some of them.
First Up is the 
I was sent #5160 and I love this brush, it's very nice to use,my hair doesn't look like I rubbed it on a balloon after using this brush,and I can't confirm weather it's the shampoo I am using or Spornette Brushes by lately my hair actually bounces, ,like in the commercials. It is even gentle enough that my daughters don't complain when I brush their hair in the morning.

second up is The Feel Good Brush

#29 the Feel Good Brush, is delightful to use, It doesn't tug my hair at all, and doesn't leave little lines in my hair when I try to put it up. Even Wet this Brush is gentle on my hair, which is very important to me, because My hair is very thick, I have a lot of it, so a brush not pulling a tugging is the make it or break it deal. This brush is my go to brush now and I won't even let the kids touch it.

and Last but surely not least is the Double Density Boar
I use to think these brushes we just to help with curls, but they work out great to straighted hair with a blow dryer to.  I absolutely love that even my H's static prone Hair all 3 of the Spornette brushes control, or stop all static to help keep our hair looking and feeling great.  

Looking to buy your own Spornette Brushes? 
You can purchase your own Spornette brushes on their website at

or at Sally's beauty Supply and local salons


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