Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fresh 1 Blankies Review and Giveaway US only Ends 6/3

Fresh 1 Blankies - the grab & go blankie system

Fresh 1 Blankies was founded by stay at home mother of 2, Jessica Welch, in 2010. During the pregnancy of her 1st child, she was given the advice to buy several matching snuggly blankies in the event her daughter grew an attatchment to a particular one.
Snuggly blankies are not cheap, so this crafty mom made 6 small ones. Once a blankie became soiled, she would tell her little one, "let's get a fresh one." As her baby girl learned to talk, she would request a "fresh one," referring to a newly washed blankie. Hence the name, Fresh 1 Blankies!
After the birth of her second child, Jessica looked to save time and purchase new blankies for her son. She quickly realized that there were lots of companies offering very expensive blankets.  Moms appeared to be gobbling them up regardless of price. But what about a SAHM, like herself? $100 is a lot of money to invest into 4 blankies that are just going to be burped, peed, and spit on. An idea was born!
Fresh 1 Blankies is committed to providing a luxury product at an affordable price. We strive to provide quality customer serivce, quick shipping times, and open communication!

After having my dealings with a crabby toddler because there favorite comfort object, that little blanket they cuddle with,happens to be dirty at nap time, I came to realize that more then one is a great idea.

I really wish I'd of thought of this when it came to my 4 years old's favorite toy, a dog, that has seen better days, but alas a blanket, and her puppy are her comfort objects at nap time.  There is alot of screaming and crying, if her blanket, isn't clean. Z is the same way he will use not having his blanket to cuddle with as a reason to get up a dozen times before he falls asleep .

Fresh 1 Blankies:

The Original Grab & Go System

Fresh 1 Blankies are approx. 15"x15" square consisting of a soft minky and durable silky satin. What separates F1B from the rest is that we quilt together our two layers of fabric. No separation of layers making for a wobbly blankie, no lightweight satin clinging to baby's face while they sleep. F1B is designed to be a solid blankie, with the ability to take on the drooling, biting, crying, spit up, sniffles, playground, and more.

Fresh1blankies is a brilliant idea, no more I'm sorry your blankets dirty or in the washer or darn we forgot it at home, now I can keep one in the car, and 3 in the house, No more crying, no more screaming and the kids are none the wiser. someday this may not work with the switcharoo but at 2, and 4 they don't notice. If you have never felt minky you should it is a delightful material, it's super soft.  I also love that I don't have to listen to fighting because one child has something and another one wants it.   Fresh1blankies come in 3 awesome combos
Pink Paisley and Puppy
Pink Paisley Satin combined with Pink Dalmation Print Minky

Multi-colored Polka Dot Satin combined with Red Giraffe Print Minky

Aloha Blue - CLEARANCE
Brown & Black Polka Dot Satin combined with Blue Hawaiin Paisley Minky

and that isn't all you will find on the fresh1blankies website, they also offer


Owl Be Watching Potty Mat
16"x22" Potty Mat. Three layers topped with high pile cudldy minky, 100% Organic cotton inbetween, and flannel on the bottom. Designed to make potty time fun while soaking up over spray and keeping lil footies warm in the middle of the night.

Owl Be Watching Book Sack
Matching book sack to accompany the Owl Be Watching Potty Mat. Holds a little library for your little learner. 9.5"x9.5"

After this don't you want one of your own?

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