Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ManGroomer Review

Body Hair is a big problem for many people, but guys tend to have by far the worst, and it is one of the few things, that are a major turn off for me, on a guy. I am married and although my husband isn't a hair guy, but I do prefer he keeps the hair he does have well groomed. Mangroomer is great to help with that.

NO my husband doesn't have this problem but out neighbor does.
The Essential Nose and Ear Trimmer 
The MANGROOMER Essential Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer is a must for all men to safely and effectively eliminate their excess nose and ear hair. The cutting-edge blade design enables extremely close results and can be used wet or dry. Features a nonslip rubberized grip for maximum control, plus a protective cap with low-profile design offers privacy and discreet storage. Cleans easily by rinsing with water.

Product Image
    The MANGROOMER Professional Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver is a new and advanced back shaver for men that quickly and easily eliminates back hair. It features a professional handle that extends and locks at any length you choose by engaging the professional lock button, enabling you to create your perfect custom shaving length. The extreme reach of the shaver measures over 2’ in length when fully extended, allowing you to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back.

MANGROOMER Private Body Shaver 601-6
The MANGROOMER Private Body Shaver is ideal for all areas of the body below the neck and thrives in extremely private areas. The cutting-edge designed combination trimmer/foil blade cuts both long and short body hair safely. Includes a 5-setting adjustable length comb to trim to your desired length and rubberized nonslip grip enabling maximum control and maneuverability. Can be used wet or dry and is rechargeable. Cleans easily by rinsing with water.

I've been told Mangroomer is kinda of a funny name, But really I think it fits for a line of products made for .... Men.  We all know that it's not something Women usually have to deal with, and  now Even the hairiest guys can Clean up nicely on their own.  The Private body shaver  Says it shaves everything from the neck down, thus being great for swimmers, and other athletes. I find it kinda gross, when guys , who yes should have armpit hair, have it grossly overgrown. Now in private a , man can groom those, or shave his chest.  

I also really like the safety feature, while they seem to carry a feature that  the unit will not power on while charging. This means no kid haircuts if you forget to put it up. 


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