Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mineral Hygienics Review

I have been using mineral foundations for a very long time, and recently have had the chance to test out a a few different brands of them.  Mineral Hygienics was the first I tried out and defiantly outdid what I had been using before.  Normally I run into the problem of make up being to dark for my very pale complexion. Mineral  hygienics has solved this, the started kit I received had  
Fair Startup Kit
  • 2 shades of Mineral Hygienics SPF Foundation
  • -Fairest Mineral Foundation -Fair Mineral Foundation
  • Mineral Hygienics mineral enhancer
  • - Cool Kiss
  • Mineral finishing powder
  • -Sheer Perfection Translucent 
  • Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
  • Wonder Cover Concealer Brush
  • Detailed How-To Guide

I have had great luck blending the two shades together, by applying one lighter coat, and them carefully, applying a coat of the darker of the two. I feel like this gives me great coverage, and still leaves a light and air feel for me.

I have hear many companies lay down the claim that you will have full coverage, all day and into the night. Most foundations don't stack up to this claim, but Mineral Hygienics really does. I promise I will show you a picture just as soon as my camera cord, shows up. 


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