Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alabu Skin Care Review

Alabu Logo
On a sunny winter day in 1997, a friend recruited my help for a soap making project. She thought it would be a good chemistry lesson for my home-schooled children. So, we crowded into her kitchen (equipped with goggles and gloves), and learned how alkali combines with oils to make soap.
My friend had to convince me to try the soap. At first, I was a little afraid to try it because the old fashioned soaps I knew growing up were very harsh (they made their own lye from wood ashes). Thankfully handcrafted soaps have really progressed.
I never realized how drying commercial "soaps" were until I tried our handmade goat milk soap (I have learned most commercial "soaps" are actually detergents). I was finally able to get out of the shower without feeling dry and itchy or like my skin shrank. I was hooked on making my own all-natural soap. I started researching, reading, and learning all I could about making the best soap, and the more I learned, the more I was sure I never wanted to use commercial "soaps" again. I started to read the ingredients on commercial soap labels—yikes!!!
At first I started making it for my family and friends and giving it away as gifts. Eventually my husband, Dean, convinced me that we should go into business and sell our soap. That's how Alabu was born.
Since then, we have continued to grow. We have now expanded from just soap to a line of all natural skin care products. My son, Hal handles most of the day to day operations, and Dean and I have taken more of a supporting role.
Natural continues to be at the forefront of all that we do. Our products have the ability to change the way you think about all-natural skin care, and as someone that cares a lot about the health of my skin, I can assure you that you'll love our products.

I was sent to try out the 
Moisturizing & Soothing Shaving Goat Milk Bar
Our shaving soap is specially formulated to give you a close smooth shave and leave your skin soft and moisturized. It has cinnamon essential oil to make your hair stand up for a close shave. Sweet orange, and tree essential oils are added to soothe your skin and help keep your tender skin from breaking out after shaving. Finally shea butter and glycerin are added to protect your skin from your razor. Men and women both love this soap. Its 2 5/8" diameter fits a typical shaving or ceramic coffee mug very nicely. (3.50 oz.)

I tried this out on a couple different occasions, for Shaving my legs, and Sadly It is not a product for me. I have  not had razor burn in a long time until I used this.  I can't say for sure it was for sure this Shaving soap, but nothing else in my shaving routine, has changed, and since discontinuing use, no more razor burn.

Original Shea Body Butter
Alabu's Original Shea Body Butter is loaded with awesome moisturizing oils like shea butter, olive oil and jojoba. It's a heavy-duty moisturizer and lasts for hours, even on your hands. It even has beeswax in it, which helps form a protective barrier on your skin. So whether you're washing your hands a lot, working with materials that dry your hands out, or just have dry skin in general, Alabu's Original Shea Body Butter will keep your skin protected and moisturized. You won't need to apply very much either because we don't add any water, which means it's really concentrated (it's also why we don't have to put chemical preservatives in it!). If your skin is severely dry (cracking or bleeding) you'll want to check out our Tea Tree Shea Body Butter.
This I do really enjoy this product, it really does soften areas , like Elbows, and knees. It really doesn't take much to moisturize, which makes it last longer, and a really good value. 
I also received 
Almond Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap image

The Franciscan Padres brought the almond to California in the mid 1700's. However the moist, cool weather didn't provide the optimum growing conditions. It wasn't until the late 1870s that Successful cross-breeding and research inland provided the almonds we know today. At Alabu we've taken the delightful, spicy aroma-filled almond essential oil and added it to our fantastic all-natural soap. This wonderful fragrant skin-moisturizing lather is sure to soothe and relax you. Our almond essential oil comes from real California-grown almonds! (3.25 oz)

I honestly haven't used this at all,  like some natural products this has a smell, I am not to fond of, but I have yet to find a goats mile soap that doesn't clean well, and it is always very moisturizing so I am sure this isn't any different


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