Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Microdry Bath Mat review

Patented materials. Proprietary processes. Introducing the new
ingredients of supreme comfort and the hallmarks of every Microdry
product. Our signature innovations include the creation of the
world's first luxury performance fabric and the development of
a uniquely versatile, machine-washable type of memory foam.

With 3 kids a bathmat in the  bathroom is a must to prevent slipping, and sliding when water gets on the floor. I was very much looking forward to trying out a mat, that would not only form to my feet, but would also dry out,  a lot quicker then a traditional mat. So on day one of receiving the mat, I placed it on my Dry bathroom floor, and it just to happened to be bath night, so we tested it out right away.
Night one, it absorbed, very well, with the water that seems to collect on the floor, didn't seem to move at all, and seemed to be dry a couple hours later. I was in love with it. Microdry was a delight to have in my house. Then bath night 2 and 3, I don't feel that my bath mat worked as well. It seemed like it had a harder time drying then the previous use. This made me wonder, but I will agree that it absorbs quickly. I didn't have a puddle on the floor, and although the mat was wet, it didn't slip around on the floor, it stayed put. I think that redoing my whole bathroom in Microdry would be a delight.

I can only imagine how comfortable it would be to sit on a Microdry toilet seat cover while dressing the kids after their bath. or How nice it would be to wrap up in a Microdry bathrobe,

Microdry products are sold at Bed Bath and Beyond.


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