Friday, May 13, 2011

Imperial Toys Review.

Founded in 1969, Imperial Toy LLC is the worldwide leader in the sale and manufacture of Bubbles and Novelty Toys. Our brands include Super Miracle® Bubbles, Miracle®Bubbles, Buddy-L®, Legends of the Wild West®, Cap Cars ®, Googly ®, Optrix ® and Runway Pink™. Our licenses include Nickelodeon®, SpongeBob SquarePants®, Dora the Explorer™, Go, Diego, Go!®, Backyardigans®, Ni Hao Kai Lan ®, Little Tikes®, Marvel ®, Strawberry Shortcake ®, Care Bears ®, Transformers ®,Thomas the Tank Engine®, Batman®, Ford® and Jeep®. Imperial distributes products in over 50 countries worldwide, from locations in Hong Kong, Memphis, TN, and San Diego. Imperial has offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Modena, Italy.

My kids were so excited when they received the box from Imperial Toys.What kid doesn't like bubbles? Mine sure do : they love our Super Miracle Bubble laser light show.
Laser Light Bubble Show
even though it say for 5+ we let both L and  Z play with it, and they have had such a blast. They love it so much, they hate to take turns and I've had to buy another one. It was well worth it though to see the joy it brings them, and it's not as messy as the bubble wands they have. 

I really like how it screws on to the little bottles, and works well, but if your child sets it down,it makes a huge mess, and that part I wasn't to pleased with.  All in all I would recommend this though if your children are in  the bubble phase or your looking for a great toy this summer. 

We also received a 4 pack of Super Miracle  Bubbles.
4 pack
These are fun because of the shape, and I like the unique wand that goes into the top to make it easier for little hands to hang on to, and it's a wonderful feature to not have to stick your hand into the bottle over and over while playing.  The only thing that would make these bubbles any better is if the wand came stuck to the top and you never had to stick your hand into the bubbles.

I know that we have has many of the products in the Imperial toys line in our house, and loved each one, they make great toys, and I look forward to what else the develop in the future.


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