Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chica Bands review

Chica Bands™, a non-slip, nonbinding Hair Band, is an affordable, functional, and fashionable must-have for active women and girls.

This innovative Hair Band is made with a special lining that keeps it in place on your head - no matter how hard you work out! No slipping. No kidding! We know. We wear it every day to workout and go out. We love it! Give it a try... Over 200 Chica Band Styles to choose from.

I hate to have my hair in my face, and with 3 kids, I'm also up and moving, to get laundry, load the dishwasher, or stop an argument.  My hair would spend everyday thrown up in a ponytail, but really how boring is that to have the same look everyday. Chica Bands, helped me to solve this problem, they keep my hair back and out of my eyes,but allow me to leave it down, and no matter how much I am running around up and down the stairs, or all over the backyard with the kids my Chica Band stays in place. I choose the Thin Chica Bands in 

Azul Luau  


Preppy Tortuga

I love the look of both of them, and was shocked when I went to choose my designs at all the different designs Chica Bands has to offer. Chica Bands also offers 
they even make 

So if your looking for a headband that won't slip off, and won't cause a headache Chica bands is a great place to look.



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