Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playtex Review

Playtex has been around for as long as I can remember. When I had my oldest 8 years ago, Playtex was a company I turned to for many things,Bottles, Pacifiers, and even sippy cups. Back when H was little we used drop ins for her bottles.

They were easy to use, and less to clean up.  They come in different colors, Sizes, and you can find a nipple to fit your babies tastes. Just having to change out a bag makes it super easy to make a bottle on the go, just rinse out the nipple and change out the bag. and your good to go. I did always find that the caps held tight for the times when I did make a bottle up a head of time.

Sippy cups can be very confusing with all the different kinds, but I can tell you that Playtex cups last, I have cups, that have lasted 4 years,and although I have had to replace the spill proof valve, and they aren't super pretty they still hold well, if you look into my cupboard right now you will find:

About 7 of these, both boy and girl prints

a couple of these

4 or 5 of these as well,

3 of these

This may seem to you like I have alot of sippy cups, but I have a daycare, as well as 2 kids that use them at home.

You can find Playtex baby products in  any store you go to. even Walgreens and rite-aid sell them


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