Thursday, January 27, 2011

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I have been offered a couple of great reviews, and even giveaways for you. to enter the giveaways you much follow me on Google friend connect. This will be mandatory for all. i will come up with a couple other things to gain you extra entries.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Were on facebook now.

Well we made the jump and now have a facebook fan page! you can find it here at head on over and Like me there.  Were also only a couple fans away from the giveaway I promised! Let's see how long it will take us to reach 50 followers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The remodel.

Wow, it has been kinda crazy around here lately, we are looking into redoing my entire kitchen this year. This house was a great starter house when we were young newlyweds, with an 11 month old. 7 years and 2 more kids later my small cupboard space really doesn't fit us anymore. This however is becoming a huge headache. we had two ideas drawn up today, now to find a few more. Weather or not I want wood laminate or linoleum flooring, what color the cabinets are going to be and most importantly the budget  . Thankfully I have a wonderful brother in law who is willing to come over and help with the tearing out the old flooring  and  cabinets, and installing the new ones. I will post before, after and during photos.  We should be starting this sometime in March. Look for updates soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what I've been up to.

My goal was to write an entry everyday, well the weekend hit, and my oldest had a ton of homework to do, so that took most of my weekend. I am back now, and have exiteing news, along with the review of the kinect I almost have finished, I have been offered the chance to review a Hazel wood necklace from Inspired by Finn. I am thrilled we are up to 46 followers as of this morning.

I am also working in a winter fun day with the kids sometimes this week. Since we live in Michigan and have snow November through March and even sometimes longer, I have taken the kids out but never brought the camera with me, usually it's going out to shovel.  We do get a little fresh air though as Haley goes to school at the end of the road we walk her, and if my husband isn't home from work we go pick her up to.

I am also trying a few new recipes out in the coming weeks. Haley, and my husband are super picky eaters, so I have to work around that, also I don't cook with shellfish as I'm allergic. I am still looking for a great website to find recipes for picky eaters.Zachery will eat almost anything, and Lillian will eat most things.

So that is a short rap up of what i'm currently working on. I am very exited about how well in a week Real adventures from a mom of 3 has really taken off. Thank you so much for following me.

11 things I want to do in 2011.

1. I want to rid my house of all chemical based cleaning supplies, I want the kids to not live in a house where chemicals are everywhere because, I also have a daycare,it means tons of cleaning and disinfecting.
2. I want to cut out processed food from out house completely. It will be a healthy choice, and the kids will learn to appreciate the rare times we eat out even more.
3. I want to organize my house, I feel like it's always cluttered. Everything will have a place, and it something doesn't we really don't need it.
4. I want to come up with a budget and stick to it. This shouldn't be to hard, If I cut out fast food, and chemicals. that takes out certain extras.
5. I will lose the 60 lbs of baby weight I have been carrying around. I want the old me back.
6. I will leave my kids, once in a great while to have date night with my husband. It is very rare I leave the kids, I feel I had them it is my job to take care of them.
7. Zachery will be completely done with nursing.
8.I will learn how to use the sewing machine that has been sitting in the closet since I got it 2 years ago.
9. I will do a lot more with the kids, instead of just playing inside or watching them outside.
10. My kitchen and living room will finally get the new coats of paint they have needed for months.
11. and lastly I will succeed in my hobby, thus being this blog.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I needed a hobby. So here I am.

When I started this blog, I knew I needed a hobby.Writing has always been a passion of mine. I am absolutely thrilled to have so many followers so soon. I have high hopes for Real adventures from a mom of 3. I have decided to add reviews and very soon a giveaway or two. I devote so much time and thought to my family, I was neglecting myself, My husband is a gamer, and as such Video games are his hobby. My children all have things they love to do, for my oldest it's reading, for Lillian it's learning new things with her Leapster 2, and little Zachery has made it a hobby to mess up anything his sisters are trying to do.

So as my hobby I will make it my goal to devote time to write at least one entry daily, some days it might just be about the new recipe I tried for dinner, or the craft the kids and I worked on that day, I am just thrilled to be writing  again, even though I am a wife, and mommy, I had forgotten about me . I can play video games for a little while but they aren't of huge entertainment for me, I can't sit and stare at a television screen for hours either. so here I am and hope you will all continue to follow me, and tell your friends to join me as well when I get to 50 followers I will have my first giveaway.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The thoughts behind my Blog title.

Well as anyone with more then one child, probably knows life is an adventure. Children get sick, hurt, none of them have the same personality, so what one is good at another may very well be awful at .My Children so far have surely been an adventure for me.One thing will always be sure  I will always do what is best for my children in my eyes.

 Haley my oldest, is very much a petite little princess, but what our close friends and family know, when she was 3 Haley had a Seizure, and has had several since. I will never forget the night she had her first one here with us. I have never been more scared in my life. Thankfully though instinct kicked in and I handled it as I should. We have tried several medications over the last 4 years and finally have a combination that at the right dose keeps her seizure free. We also received the long awaited diagnosis of benign rolandic epilepsy. Often found in children, and out grown around puberty,we have high hopes for her to out grow it in the up and coming teenage years.

Getting past this she may now be seizure free but is still unable to be a completely normal child, because she takes medicines in the morning as well as at night, and has also been known to have night time seizures, I am just not comfortable letting her go somewhere overnight, that is not able to handle her should the situation arise, she does once in a while have a friend stay here, but I feel bad for her, almost like this holds her back. The ups and downs we have experienced over of the last few years have very much been an adventure.  I have had to push  for medicines to be changed, upped, lowered,certain tests be preformed , One thing after another.

My second child Lillian is a tomboy, who loves to run, play soccer, but also love her dolls, and building with her trio blocks. Lillian is also allergic to just about everything. Cats, Dogs, mold, Dust, Amoxicillian, Milk, Grass, The list goes on and on. with out Allergy pills she is miserable, all the time, Nose running. coughing non stop, watery eyes, After the allergy tests and several visits to the doctor, we are symptom free as long as we stay away from CATS.

My third child Zachery is such a boy, he loves Thomas the train, cars, to play catch with his football.  He has eczema and horribly on his little legs, his sides, his little arms, and his back. We have tried everything to try to get rid of it, Aquaphor,Eucerin, Aveeno Baby, Renew, we are currently trying Sebamed baby care System, I will let post how well it works for us, after we've had a little while to try it out.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What will 2011 bring for us.

The goals of our house are simple for the new year, make new and ever lasting memories. I want to  take time to smell the flowers, and also not let the little things bother me, also work on more activities to do with the kids. I have come up with all kinds of craft to start on with the younger  kids. We have also decided to take them once a month to some place fun,  we live in a town with places like a Children's museum,  Chuckie Cheese, Tons of mini golf courses.  I guess you might say I have found a new outlook on life.

I wanted to start this year with a Resolution, but knew I  wouldn't stick to  it,  I always say I will but never do. Like losing the rest of my baby weight, I have had the motivation to work at that slowly, but feel it would destroy my efforts to.  So looking for the bright side to everything and trying to avoid negativity is what I'm going for this year.

A little about me

My name is Megan and I have been  happily married to my husband Justin for 7 years . I am a licensed day care provider in the state of Michigan.  I am 26 years old, and  the closer I get to the the big 30 the older I feel. We have three wonderful children,
        Haley will by 8 In June,
Lillian is 4 .

       and my son Zachery is 2.