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Best Left Buried Book Review

My book reviews are all done by my sister Michelle so without further ado here is her review:

I’m a mild adrenaline junkie. I’m not the kind to go sky diving or bungee jumping looking for my next thrill; I’m the kind who loves watching scary movies and reading scary books.  That is why I so enjoyed reading Best Left Buried.  I found it to be an excellent horror novel.
I really liked the way the author laid the story out like a mysterious, creepy puzzle. From the beginning, where the author started off with the main character’s chilling past (which could be considered the outside or border of the puzzle), to the rest of the story which helped complete the mystery. It seemed like everywhere I looked there was a new twist or turn of events.
I look forward to reading more works by Cindy Hutchins. I honestly cannot think of anything I really disliked about Best Left Buried besides the ending. I would have preferred a happier ending, but that’s just who I am. Cindy Hutchins is a great author, and Best Left Buried is a great book.

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Vapur the Anti-botttle Review

Vapur - The Anti-Bottle


At Vapur®, we believe that clean tap water is the best drinking water for you, your community and the planet, so we have set out to make tap water infinitely portable, readily available and ethically sustainable. Since toting a bulky reusable water bottle can be a hassle (especially when empty), we designed the ultra-durable Vapur Anti-Bottle™ to “fold-and-go” anywhere – easily fitting into pockets, purses and packs. The flexible, reusable Anti-Bottle also uses less energy to make and transport than traditional rigid bottles. Now that's a refreshing idea we can all drink to!

What's Wrong with Bottled Water?

Every year, 200 billion bottles of water are consumed globally. Unfortunately, only about 12% of these will be recycled, leaving 176 billion plastic bottles to be dumped in landfills or left to float in the ocean. 
Yet, tap water costs 240 to10,000 times less than bottled water. Unlike the bottled water companies, many municipal utilities test tap water hundreds of thousands of times a year and report their results to state and federal agencies. Shockingly, 24% of bottled water is actually just repackaged tap water. 
While we pay for branded tap water, over 1.2 billion people around the world don't have access to clean water. Every year, over 5 million people die of water-related diseases. Hundreds of thousands of other children are affected in ways that statistics can't measure. They suffer from poor health, diminished productivity and missed educational opportunities. Children, especially young girls, are the ones who must fetch their family's daily supply of water. The money spent on disposable bottled water could help provide safe drinking water to billions of people around the world who would otherwise not have access to it.

Water Bottles are great for the environment, but can take up a ton of space. Vapur  is a great solution, not only does it help with the environment, and when empty take up  no space at all.

.5L Anti-Bottle (Orange)
When full it looks like this, 
but when empty fold up to look like this
look how little that is... I love it. I can throw it in my purse and go to be able to fill it up  at will. 
I'm thinking this would be the best to take on out Disney trip... water is important when your out in the sun, but being able to take it with you around the park is even better. 

I could fold up 5 and throw them in my diaper bag, these don't leak. and although you have to blob into it to get it fully fill. I still love my Vapur over every water bottle I own. 

They are available in a variety of colors 
Fun Size Party Pack
This party pack shows a few of the great designs.

.5L Artist Series Three Pack
The artists series is awesome as well

I do think these are a great value and come in different sizes.

.4 liters
.5 liters

The fact they clip to just about anything makes it a take anywhere item.

Bottles are $9.99-$48.00

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Natural Elements Online Review

Natural Elements
Hawaiian lady using bath and body
( can I just say I love the front page of their website.)

I was sent a variety of products from Natural Elements Online to try out, and even the smell of the package made me think of the tropics and not so much of the cool fall weather, that will soon turn into the white cold stuff, we see for months here in Michigan. 

Mango Coconut Guava Body Oil
Our mango coconut body oil provides the perfect blend of tropical fruity fragrances that will inspire and reinvigorate. The coconut, which has been used by the native Hawaiians for centuries, provides all the necessary nutrients the skin needs to look its best. The potent extract works effectively to fight the signs of aging, while hydrating, rejuvenating and releasing skin’s natural glow. Our all natural oil is made with the purest form of this invaluable fruit to ensure its efficacy. The exotic scents of mango and guava have both been added to this unique preparation to increase its aroma-therapeutic effects. Not only will skin feel and look better, you will be invited to indulge in a fragrant experience that will transport you to the tropics.

Hawaiian Rose Perfume
The Hawaiian Rose perfume is absolutely exquisite. The robust scent of this extract blended with the finest ingredients is enough to enliven and inspire. The plant, though not native to the islands, is beloved by the inhabitants. The Damask variety was first introduced to Hawaii in 1800, earning the name the heavenly rose. Lokelani or small rose is both valuable as an ornamental and cultivated flower and is widely grown throughout the island of Maui.

Hawaiian Sunrise Tropical Body Cream
 Hawaiian Sunrise body cream will soothe and nourish the skin with rich shea butter and a hint of citrus fragrance. This deep penetrating moisturizer will infuse the delicate dermis with vitamins E, A and F, fatty acids and much needed minerals. Shea butter has long been used for its ability to fortify and rejuvenate. Our rich formulation takes advantage of its potency allowing it to apply lightly while creating a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Used daily you will begin to see the difference. The fruity tropical fragrance will delight you while it works to keep your skin looking its best.

Hawaiian Sunrise Tropical Bath Soap
The fresh citrusy scent of this soap is complimented by the rejuvenating moisture of coconut oil and shea butter.

Island Passion Tropical Bath Soap

Pamper your skin with the rich blend of coconut oil and shea butter all the while enjoying the lush tropically fruity scent of this soap.

Kauai Kiss Tropical Bath Soap

The tropical scents of the coconut, banana and mango blend with the moisturizing benefits of coconut oil and shea butter in this unique soap.

Pineapple Paradise Tropical Bath Soap
                                    Pineapple Paradise Tropical Bath Soap

Perk up your senses with the fresh fruity fragrance of Hawaiian pineapple and soothe your skin with moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil

I had alot of fun with this review because I am a big one for scented items. The soaps were great to use, and left my skin feeling soft. I did feel there was a little bit of a residue left over though. I do love the oil though it is amazing when it comes to a moisturizer, and has a divine smell. Makes me think of the sunny tropical beaches of Florida. The lotion has a  citrus smell that can be very overwhelming, but great to clear out the sinuses. The Perfume, is a delightful scent; light enough to wear daily, I think it really smells like a rose.  

Natural Elements Online sells all these and more at the website  which you can find here

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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Orb Factory Review and Giveaway

The Orb Factory logo
Located in Halifax Nova Scotia, The Orb Factory Limited is a provider of award winning crafts & activities products, recognized for innovative designs, top quality products, and outstanding customer service. During 2011, we are celebrating 20 years in business! We are now sold in over 40 countries, have won numerous awards and have become a recognized and trusted name in the toy industry.
Steven Kay started designing toys when he was 6 yrs old. With formal training in photography, sculpture and design, he founded The Orb Factory in 1991. The company’s first line was based around the Celestial Orb, a transforming hand-held widget made from wire.
Steve knows that he has made it this far by focusing on the 2 most important things: a fun and rewarding play experience for kids, and the best customer service in the industry
Our kits are easy to use, mess-free, and give amazing results every time. Our best selling line of Sticky Mosaics® allow kids to peel & stick sparkling foam and jewel tiles to create Mosaics by Number® that are ready for display. Our My First Sticky Mosaics® line brings crafting to kids 3+ with Big Pieces for Little Fingers®. Our toys are both imaginative and educational, and have been used as learning tools in classrooms around the world.
As a creative toy manufacturer, The Orb Factory prides itself on creative designs, high quality products, and outstanding customer service. This allows the company to keep focusing on those aspects which are the most important. For example, every product has an educational component to it. As a result, many have been recognized as useful learning tools in the classroom. For items that are made by sub-contracted manufacturers, The Orb Factory employees are involved in the production decisions and quality control process.
We believe in the power of play. We strive to produce toys the not only stimulate a child’s mind, but their creativity as well. Our kits allow children to lose themselves in a world of magic, imagination and artistic freedom.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Winners 11/26

Since I am awake now, and with the awesome giveaways I had going I wanted to announce as soon as I could. Here they are with out anymore wait...


Ashley P
Nichole S
Claudia N

Luna B Tee

Tammy Sigond

Thomas and Friends
Day of the Diesals
Meghan M

Rock N Learn

Nichole S




Nichole S

Congratulations to all the winners!!! I will send out e-mails tomorrow. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!

Happy Thanksgiving !

Please remember today as you gather with your families to take a second to remember all the things you have to be thankful for. Enjoy your day, don't eat to much...

and for all of you who enjoy Black Friday shopping

Be Safe and Good Luck.

Prefense Foaming hand Sanitizer Review

Prefense provides safe, all-day antibacterial protection from germs and bacteria.
Contains soothing botanicals to prevent drying, redness and chapping.
The best defense, is a strong Prefense!
I can not tell you how worried I have been about the amount of alcohol in most hand sanitizers. I have a toddler and for me that is a worry since he puts his hands in his mouth. SO when I came across something that would kill germs, but risk no chance at poisoning my son with Alcohol I was thrilled. 

Not only is the fact it's not a liquid, there for not at all runny at all.
It does not require multiple applications daily, all you need is one. 
Why Prefense says they are unlike any other hand sanitizer on the market today.

  •    No alcohol! Prefense is made of all-natural ingredients and has absolutely NO alcohol in it!
    •    Our technology protects you for 24 hours or 10 hand washings!  
    •    Prefense is non-toxic and safe for kids! It will not hurt you if swallowed!
    •    Prefense is silica based which means it doesn’t dry out your hands like traditional alcohol sanitizers.  It actually smooths and softens your hands. You can totally see this when you apply it!
    •    Prefense protects against staph, strep, E.coli, drug resistant MRSA strains, and more. We fight germs that other hand sanitizers can’t.
    •    Because “one spray lasts all day” our 1.5 oz Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer offers 120 applications, costing only $.08 per day, compared to $1.20 per day with alcohol hand sanitizers.

It smells great and leaves my hands feeling great. I love prefense and will never go back to regular hand sanitizer again.
Buy it: for a great price on their website or  Prefense is also available at

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fissler USA Review

If pots could speak, Fissler pots would have quite a lot to say. They would tell us about the era of the “goulash cannon” around

the turn of the century, about the first aluminum pots for the electric stove - a sensation in the 1920’s. And they would certainly 
report on Fissler’s invention of the first stay-cool handles, all-stove base, pressure skillet, and ingenious application of space 
technology - which resulted in the first nonstick coating for pans. These are just a few examples drawn from the long list of Fissler
traditions. They show the broad range of important inventions and developments which turned a small plumbing shop in 1845 
into one of the world’s leading and most important cookware manufacturers. One thing is certain - today, each and every pot 
stands for over 160 years of experience, quality, and ideas. Every single product from Fissler proves - each and every day - that 
with them, cooking is more energy-efficient, healthful, and delicious. 

I have a huge drawer full of cooking utensils, spatulas. plastic spoons, and such, which gives me a variety of things to use while i'm cooking but I didn't realize until I added  
The Fissler Usa Turner Comfort to that collection I had a waste of space with all of those things. I cook many different things, from cookies and pancakes which are round and semi easy to scrape off; to  french toast and eggs, I love this. It gets used way more then I ever thought it would. It makes turning anything super easy because it allows you to be able to get to the edge of something like an egg that has made it to the very edge of the pan. My favorite use though would be hashbrowns, because those shredded ones need to be turned at weird angles and I always managed to splash hot grease before... however I am very thankful that it doesn't happen anymore.  

Prices at 9.95 it is a great bargain for all the times you will use it.

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Panty by Post Review

Panty By Post started in Paris in August 2008 and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Owner and founder Natalie Grunberg has always been inspired by Paris and it’s no surprise she's built a company that has distinguished itself as a unique brand with a very French twist. Customers subscribe to the service from all over the world, with the biggest following in Canada, the USA, and France. 

Our mission is to spread the pleasure of French lingerie all over the world. With each pretty package, send a message of love and joie de vie!

Panty by post is a very interesting idea, to get a  new pair of panties in the mail every month, some of the designs are really pretty,and the fact you can order bridal panties
is absolutely awesome. so many designs and the fact you can have the mailed right to you is one less thing for a bride to worry about.
The signature line from Panty by Post is defiantly worth the price charged.  
I would love to own these.
These are cute,
School girlie maybe a little

these are just a couple of the 62 designs offered.

Packages very check them out today.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday in the Tropics Blog Hop.

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Think Geek Review


ThinkGeek started as an idea. A simple idea to create and sell stuff that would appeal to the thousands of people out there who were on the front line and in the trenches as the Internet was forged. ThinkGeek started as a way to serve a market that was passionate about technology, from programmers, engineers, students, lovers of open source, to the masses that helped create the behind-the-scenes Internet culture.
Three out of the four founding ThinkGeek members started an ISP in the Northern Virginia area way way back in 1995. We couldn't afford Solaris, learned about a free UNIX-like OS, and spent almost an entire day downloading it onto over 50 floppies for installation on an old 486 laptop with no cd-rom (thanks Slackware!). After a few years with the ISP gig, the ThinkGeek idea popped into our heads, and, operating out of a spare room at the ISP office we setup shop and launched the site on Friday the 13th, 1999...A month or so later we were Slashdotted. Promptly thereafter, ThinkGeek was acquired by the good folks at Andover.Net who through an acquisition and a bunch of name changes, is now known as Geeknet. So we're part of a cool gaggle of sites including,,, and Pretty nice company to be amongst, eh? We're pretty proud of it!
All the founding members are still in town, and we've continued to grow our product line, expand our staff (including several canines) and enhance the way we interface with customers. Who would have thought...

Think Geek is a very awesome site, and I had tons of fun spending hours looking over all the items they offer. One of the many things that caught my eye was the
In the beginning, there was nothing. And everyone overslept. Then the sun rose and everyone reluctantly got up. And it was good. Then, behold, the Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock appeared and everyone awoke promptly. And it was gooder. And now, the Executive Neverlate Alarm Clock rises like a phoenix from the ashes of sleep. And it is goodest. Why? Because it has a bajillion alarms, tons of customizable features, and is so loaded, it might be the only alarm clock to come with a "Quick Start Guide."
Okay, we could spend ages writing about all the features the Executive Neverlate has to offer, so let's just hit on some big ones. Two separate ("his" & "hers," if you will) 7-day alarm schedules - and each of those 14 alarms can be set to a different time and ringtone (one of 4 buzzers or 20 preset radio stations). Plus another bank of every day alarms. That's 21 alarms in total! And if you get bored of the radio, you can plug in your MP3 player and listen through the clock's killer speaker - and even charge your MP3 player with the Executive Neverlate's USB port (it's a standard 5V USB port)! This truly is the alarm clock to end all alarm clocks. And with the "Nap" button we can take a little slumber whenever we need it mos . . . . . zzzzzzzzzz.

I have owned alarm clocks over the years that have two alarms but never one with anything as awesome as 21 alarms yes you read that right 21 alarms that can be set to 21 different times. I love the fact I can set one alarm to get my husband up, and then two more to make sure I do not over sleep... I am a HUGE fan of the snooze button. 

I will say that learning to set the alarm isn't the easiest, but once you master it, you'll love it. It does have more buttons then I know what to do with though. Over all it's a wonderful choice and I am glad to have it. Now if only is talked like Moshi... You can read my review on that here.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

WowWee Toys Lite Sprites Review

Lite Sprites live in Lite-Topia, an enchanted land that sparkles with color and light. With a Lite Wand, you can magically collect color from almost anywhere and share it with Lite Sprites and their world.

Everytime we turn on Nick Jr. I heard the commercial for LiteSprites, which prompted Ms.L to ask for one. It really is a neat idea.
Lite Sprites Lite Wand + Prisma and Pod
The games and pretend ideas that she comes up with make me more then happy to allow her to play with it. I know she has a ton of fun with the color changing and the fact Prisma comes with 10 built in colors, allows her to have Prisma change to any color she wants at any time. The ease of using the wand and changing the colors is a breeze for my 4 year old.  some of the great features of the wand are:

  • Magical color and light displays
  • Lite-Topia SFX and audio guidance
  • Select color from the built-in library and share it with Prisma and the rest of Lite-Topia
  • Capture color from your world and share it
  • Receive color from another Lite Wand
  • Play built-in color games: Color Hunt and Color Mix
  • Send spells to Sprites and playsets
  • Volume control

These help to make Prisma a great starter Lite Sprite or a great addition to a play set you already have. I can see Ms. L and Prisma having even more fun, she loves it so much really she has added
Tree of Lite
to her holiday wish list. If you know her well enough you would know most toys don't keep Ms.L entertained for very long so I have to say this is a great toy to own.
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Kimochi R/G Ends 11/30

Kimochi (Key.Mo.Chee) which means "feeling" in Japanese. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adult Post 18+

If you are under the age of 18 you are not invited to  read this post and I ask that you close this post right now. If you are over 18 please keep reading if you wish but please understand this post is about an adult website and about an adult toy.

Uncle Milton Toys Review

Uncle Milton

My kids like any other love toys, and as a parent I love toys that are not the same action figure or doll every company makes some version of so when I came across Uncle Milton Toys, it was very intriguing for me. I spent more time then I would like to admit looking over each and every toy and thinking how fun it would be to see them in action.
Take the  in my room collection:
Although this looks like something out of Starwars it actually makes a very cool design on your ceiling.

my girls would love to have the

for the older kids in your life the Dinosaur train items:

or although it sounds gross to me...

Me and my kids were sent to try out the Fireworks in my room light show.


Now you can create an incredible fireworks show right in your room! Pump up the fireworks launcher, choose your firework, aim and pull the trigger. Watch as amazing firework light effects burst and expand on your walls! And with the booming sound effects it’s just like a real fireworks show!

After having this for a while I can say it is fun in the dark but all summer long my kids were often to warn out to stay up after dark. It doesn't sound quite like a real fireworks show but close. Enough so our dog goes nuts when ever they play with it, The light show is great though. It does look like real fireworks and is easy enough even my 2 year old can work it. The one thing I don't like about it is the pump feature it's kinda annoying to have to keep pumping it, although they did alleviate the need for batteries with this.


* Disclosure: The author, manufacturer, or representing PR provided a product to review. No compensation was provided. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. *