Friday, May 20, 2011

Swappeez Review

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It all started a few years ago with two sisters...

Packing can be a nightmare, but unfortunately there's no getting around it.  
No need to panic, these two sisters just made all our lives that much easier.   
While packing for their summer getaway they were faced with the same 
dilemma we've all come across . . . a lack of space.  And that's when it hit 
them! They came up with the perfect solution . . . a single sandal, worn an 
infinite number of ways. They called this genius idea Swappeez.

The result was a series of interchangeable straps, buckles and accessories.  
The colorful, fun components come together creating various styles and 
designs.  So whether day or night, formal or informal, you're prepared. 
Swappeez allows you to build up your shoe collection without spending a 
fortune or taking up too much space. Express your style and individuality 
with this altogether new concept. Available in an array of eye-catching colors 
and not to mention packaged in a nifty organizer made to fit all your mix 
n'match accessories.  Who can resist!

Swappeez was conceived with the quintessential modern girl in mind. 
So whether you're hitting the beach, planning a vacation, on a tight 
budget or like the rest of us, just can't get enough shoes . . . . 
Swappeez is your sandal for any occasion.

Tan Organizer
Swappeez is a great idea, I really must say, they are cute, and really are small enough they take up no room at all in a suitcase. We vacation,and let me tell you how much of  pain it is to try to stay within space and weight limits, when you love shoes. Not to mention they come in very fun colors
Turquoise Organizer
Fuchsia Organizer

Swappeez are super easy to change out to, Really my 2 year old is really good at switching them out.  I can wear the same sandals everyday and get asked where I find the cute sandals, they are shocked when I tell them that it's the same pair I've warn all week. They come in more neutral colors too. 
Gold Organizer
Pewter Organizer
 Swappeez has also solved the problem, of losing a shoe. It really never fails I always seem to lose my favorite shoe, never both just 1, and that means I have to buy a whole new pair. 

Want a pair of these great sandals of your own.... head on over to Swappeez Online store. or check here for a store near you.


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