Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christi Harris Review and Giveaway US ONLY Ends 6/5

With a background in both education and modeling, Christi Harris sought to combine her passions and resources to teach women how to become their own best beauty expert. Having written self-improvement curriculums for prominent modeling schools and practicing what she preached as a successful professional model and sharp business woman Harris witnessed the vast population of women and teens who had spent countless hours and dollars on makeup, skin and hair care that consistently failed them; leaving them disappointed and frustrated. She then realized her calling to design and formulate products that delivered on their promises and teach her clients, simply and succinctly, how to use them to their greatest advantage.
History has proven her philosophy valid. Women of all ages come to the Christi Harris Beaute Playgrounds, most already owning drawers-full of cosmetics, skin and hair care products that have left them feeling somewhat cheated of the brand claims. Once her clients attend or view one of the Christi Harris instructional lessons and hair consultations, she leaves armed with techniques, tips and tricks enabling her to become her own makeup artist. And if she chooses, affordable, long-lasting, effective makeup, skin and hair treatments that defy the exaggerated and unattainable promises of any other brand; and with her detailed, illustrated, step-by-step Makeup Application Guide in hand, a guarantee of free follow-up lessons for life, and products that actually deliver results, the clients are finally encouraged, satisfied, and more confident and radiant than ever before. It is not at all uncommon for a 2-hour makeover at Christi Harris Beaute Playground to lend results, which turn the clock back, five, even ten years from the average woman.
In all things beauty Christi Harris excels because of her sincere and never-ending quest to help every woman with every beauty frustration receive the gift of scientifically-based, proven products, education, truth, enlightenment and confidence with her "See It. Learn It. Do It." philosophy. There simply and honestly is not a more effective, all-encompassing brand available to the savvy consumer today than Christi Harris.
We invite you, virtually or in person, to the Christi Harris Beaute Playgrounds or visit us online at, for an unprecedented beauty experience in skin, hair, body & anti-aging treatments along with professional makeup & goof proof brushes. Please won't you come out and play?

Volumizing Gel
our Coup de Gras! Voted by National Beauty Editors as a #1 Pick of Women's Favorite Hair Products! Christi Harris Volumizing Gel will double your hair volume and save a minimum of 3 hours a week on hair shampooing and styling. This one product builds volume, acts as a dry shampoo and hairspray ... all in one convenient, beautifully, yet subtly fragrant solution. A 'must have' for anyone and everyone! Revolutionary for its root-lifting, ultra hair magnifying abilities. A spray gel, it contains a specifically formulated combination of amino acids which add protein and help build and strengthen the hair follicle. When heat activated, this unsurpassed styling aid provides ultimate lift, volume and styling (and re-styling) ability ... especially effective for fine to medium-textured hair. It may also be used as a light hair spray, never weighing down the hair or leaving behind that stiff, sticky, untouchable feeling. 8oz

I really like this Volumizing gel, and wasn't a huge fan of gel before now, and use it regularly. Christi Harris has so much more to offer, 

 They have a face  Skincare Line


They offer so many different and wonderful things,I would encourage you all to head over and check them out. 

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