Monday, May 9, 2011

Sniffle Buddies Review and Giveaway.


Until my daughter developed allergies, when she was 18 months old, I never realized how many times, I would  have to wipe her nose before she noticed it was running , or change her shirt because she used it to wipe her nose on. This went on for months, until we started everyday allergy medications. Now that she is a bit older, at 4 she still wipes her nose on her sleeve when she gets cold outside, or if she's thrown a tantrum. My 2 year old son is the same way, and I can't begin to tell you how much I love Sniffle buddies. Since two is a fun age, and just yesterday, while throwing a fit, my 2 year old wiped his nose on his arm,  Ewww, was my first thought. We use out Sniffle Buddy  every day, and for those of you who don't know what a sniffle buddie are let me tell you.
“What are Sniffle Buddies“ – They’re high quality wristbands made with bamboo velour (70% viscose from organic bamboo / 28% organic cotton / 2% poly) thattissuewere created to assist allergy-prone toddlers during playtime. Sniffle Buddies give toddlers a target to utilize and create “mindful” wiping. If they’re wearing Sniffle Buddies during playtime our experience has been, they’ll choose that to wipe on. If they’re not wearing one, they’ll mindlessly wipe wherever it’s convenient and keep playing.
They’re also being used to tend DROOL in special needs folks. And for adults… ask your skier friends where they’re wiping? GIVE YOUR GLOVE A BREAK! Sniffle Buddies are NEVER for blowing into…just for tending the tickle or sniffle. And it should never replace proper tissue use and washing of hands.

My favorite things about sniffle buddies are
1. They are so Soft
2. the are eco friendly
3. They keep my toddlers sleeves clean.
I know until I started learning how to to greener I had no idea about Bamboo so let me fill you in.
Our Sniffle Buddies® are constructed with Bamboo & Organic Cotton fabrics.
Bamboo Fabric is Healthful
Bamboo is said to possess a property called “Bamboo Kun” which means that it is said to be naturally anti-microbial. (According to Japan Textile Inspection Association & China Textile Industry Testing Center). Their tests showed that even through processing into fabric and after fifty washes, bamboo fabrics retain their anti-fungal, anti-bacterial nature.
AblePlay, a toy rating system for children with special needs, called SniffleBuddies a “Great Find!” It targets the areas most important in special needs: Physical (attaching to the wrist as a physical reminder to wipe the nose), Sensory (the soft cloth, both inside and out, is gentle to a child’s wrist and face), Communicative (a discreet way for special needs children to be independent and hands free) and Cognitive (children can remain focused on what they are doing instead of stopping to get a tissue or be wiped.

Sniffle buddies come in 3 sizes so everyone can use them.
SMALL - for use on CHILD's bare wrist up to 5"
For allergy-prone toddlers and preschoolers to utilize during playtime. Also, helpful with tending drool for Special Needs children.
MEDIUM - Child OVER THE COAT / Adult wrists up to 6 1/2"
For toddlers, preschoolers, and active adults who need their hands free for sports, dance, playtime, etc.. Also sized to fit the average adult bare wrist up to 6 1/2".
LARGE wrists 6 1/2" and larger or Adult OVER THE COAT
For active adults or those who suffer with allergies. Instead of tucking a tissue for trips to the gym, taking a jog, hiking, biking, gardening, or yoga, whip on one of our Sniffle Buddies® and toss it in the wash when you're done.

We received the  mint green toddler size, and the kids will actually fight over it.  I wash it  often, and it still looks brand new, and is holding up great.  If you have children with allergies Sniffle Buddies help you keep the sleeves clean. 
Want  Sniffle buddies of your own?
Win it: On reader will win a sniffle buddie of their own.

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