Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jaghoo Potty

When we started thinking about potty training my son, it seemed to be a rather daunting task, but with the help from the Jahgoo Potty it was pleasant to at least start. He is 2.5 and getting ready to train, but not quite there yet. He does know and very much like his potty seat though, and because of the unique shape of this potty seat it stores easily almost anywhere.
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It's not super tall, which means  Z doesn't have to stretch to much, and the bowl is deep enough nothing splashes back on him. 
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The open back design makes getting the bowl out to empty without touching anything that might be sitting on the rim, that is one thing I hate about potty training. Easily washed and put back together makes it a more desired seat for the busy parent, or even in a daycare where you must sanitize everything often.

The Jahgoo Potty is available in White and Lime and very inexpensive at only $9.99

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