Friday, August 5, 2011

ToiletTree Fogless Mirror Review

ToiletTree Products

Finally a fogless shower mirror that actually remains clear in the shower – and sticks to the wall! Our patent-pending design is simple yet most effective. Fill the shower mirror’s reservoir with hot water from your shower head and you’re done. It’s ideal for close shaves, cleansing and exfoliating, removing make-up, tweezing and more.

Fogless Shower Mirror

My husband and I don't shave or anything, like that in the shower but  when I was asked to review the toilet tree fogless mirror after some thought, I decided it would be a great idea to apply my make up right after the shower or to see where i'm peeling after my yearly sunburn.  Plus I was really curious weather or not it was completely fogless... I have never seen something that would not fog up in the bathroom so I left in out side the shower right next to the regular mirror, and after the shower the mirror on the wall was foggy as usual but not the fogless mirror. I could still see perfectly. It surpassed my expectations, and will greatly help alot of people that do enjoy shaving or removing makeup in the shower. 

I also love the fact it tilts up so that I can apply my makeup in a steamy bathroom , with out  any issues at all. I can not wait to see that else Toilettree Products come out with next.



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