Friday, August 26, 2011

Find It Games Review

I absolutely love the Find it games on the computer, and always played them. I have gotten y kids I-Spy bags, and I enjoyed playing with them to, so when I came across Find It Games, I new I had to have one. The question was which one, Find It Games really offer so many.
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I settled on the beach one, I was absolutely delighted when it arrived.  I spend most of the evening looking for the long list of things, and then after finding all but like 5 items, I gave up and let my husband have a turn, and he found all but 1, Ok so he's better then  me at those kinds of things.

Find it at the beach
Find It At the Beach debuted June of 2006. It features ocean blue end caps and over 40 hidden items with a beach theme in soothing blues, greens and coral colored pellets. This is an exciting game that is a great travel game with its enclosed pieces that will never get lost! Can you find the ray, whale, beach chair, shark, bathing suit or light-house in this contained adventure? The hard-to-find penny is still included in the Find It At the Beach game. Play Find It At the Beach in your home at the cabin , car or office. Includes Find It At the Beach game and a check off pad. For one or more players and enjoyed by all whether you are 8 or 98!

I can not for the life of me find the penny, my husband did but not at a clear enough angle to tell what year it is. Someday, I'm sure we will, maybe in a couple of weeks when we take a road trip to a wedding it will give me something to do in the car. I'm sure that my kids will want a turn to...  the only real question not is which one will we buy next? I'm thinking either

Glitz& Glamour for my girls
Sports, as another Family share one.

I also love the fact the item list is on the tip of each container, so that even if you lose the notepad it comes with, you can still find the items inside. Overall yes I would and plan to buy more of the Find It Games, which leads to me recommend them to all of you.


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