Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dish Washer Sign Review

Have you even unloaded the dishwasher completed only to realize it was dirty? I know I have as much as I hate to admit it.
My dishwasher is newer and has a clean light indicator, that will only work until the door to the dishwasher is opened. I though the light that came with the dishwasher would be great  but my 2 year old constantly opens the dishwasher and then it's hard to tell weather or not the dishes are clean or just rinsed. 
Quick Flick, Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Sign (black and white)
Like most mom's I have gotten really good at running on what I would like to call Auto Pilot, where I am a wake and alert enough to watch the kids, but do all my house work in routine, so some days I will have it mostly done before I even realize it.  In turn though do you think I can remember if I ran the dishwasher or not nope not at all. I tried noted to tell my husband or myself that it was clean. but paper in a house full of kids is not a good idea. 
Quick Flick, Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Sign (black and white)

I love the fact that now I can just with the slight movement of a finger tell weather the dishwasher is Clean or Dirty. I am in love, with this very cleaver, yet so simple contraption.  Now if only I could convince my son that not all magnets belong on the fridge. 

Truly a must have if even once you have drank from a dirty glass, or put away dirty dishes.... and best of all they are only $8.00 what a great deal. You can buy them here...



Jenny Georgio-who said...

I found you from the mega blog hop! :) I have to say that this is hilarious because we were just having a conversation about how my dishwasher doesn't have a light or indicator or anything to let me know if the dishes inside are clean or dirty...i log in, find your blog, and laugh.

This is a must have for my house!!

shah wharton said...

Here from the hop! Shah. X

Ashley S said...

I've been meaning to get one of these signs for awhile now. I like this one, very sleek and modern :)

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