Friday, August 26, 2011

Swaddle Designs Review and Giveaway US and Canada Only. Ends 9/16


Lynette Damir, RN, CEO and Creative Director, founded SwaddleDesigns in 2002. The inspiration for SwaddleDesigns was sparked when Lynette visited families with new babies in their homes and she noticed they struggled with swaddling for two reasons. First, the blanket they were using was too small or too thick, and second, they could not remember how to make a good secure swaddle. The parents consistently asked her to share the secret of the hospital nurses - how to swaddle.

Lynette used her medical background and design education from the Art Institute of Seattle to develop the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket - large and square with swaddling instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket, so parents have an effective swaddling technique at their fingertips (patent pending). SwaddleDesigns first customer was a major hospital that purchased 4,000 blankets! They understood the importance of swaddling and the educational value of Lynette‛s blanket.
Swaddling is important because it helps babies transition from womb to world, reduces incidence of SIDS, helps babies sleep better and longer, and decreases awakenings due to the startle reflex. By helping parents master the art of swaddling, the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket is a great confidence builder for new parents.
Over the past several years, SwaddleDesigns product line has grown significantly. Lynette designs all of SwaddleDesigns products and exclusive prints, and she selects every component based on its color, texture, durability and quality. She designs with baby‛s best interest in mind and to help new parents.

Swaddle Designs is introducing the Swaddle Duo-  

Having a baby in those in between months like fall, and spring make it even harder to keep the baby the right temperature. It really is bad for a newborn to over heat, and no one wants their baby to be cold.I love the fact that Swaddle Designs Swaddle Duo offers a variety with 2 different blankets, one thinner for warmer weather, or warmer climates, and one thicker for those cooler days and evenings. Swaddle Duo Blankets are the perfect size to swaddle your little one.

  • The Ultimate Receiving Blanket is a lightweight premium cotton flannel - for moderate to cooler environmental temperatures
  • The Marquisette Swaddling Blanket is a very lightweight open weave cotton blanket - for warmer environmental temperatures
I also love the fact that Swaddle Designs strives to help new parents care for their new baby, which  is fantastic, since being a new parent can be scary. So the Learn tab is great, because not all   new moms and dads know the importance of temperature awareness, so they  don't always understand their baby should not get overheated or overchilled. Studies have shown that both overheating and overchilling increase the risk of SIDS as stated in the International Journal of Epidemiology 1996.

A great quality recieveing blanket, and having 2 that help with safe sleeping practices is that much better... I would love for anyone unsure of what to do with a new baby, to read these links, because safe sleep practice is so important :
Safe Sleep
Swaddling can be challenging also but Swaddle Designs offers directions for that also can be found in the website, or on the sewn on tag.
SwaddleDesigns exclusive 123 Swaddle tip tag helps babies sleep better.
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I love the zipme sacks - the wearable blankets! thanks for the giveaway!

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I love the Stroller Blanket - Pure Green Puff Circles with Dk Pure Green Satin

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I love the stroller blankets!

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Love the paisley pattern

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I love the Pink Pastel and brown circle patterned everything, especially the hooded towel :)

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I love the pastel with chocolate brown receiving blankets

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