Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summit Toys

My son is very much a boy at the age of 2, he loves to be outside, and his sisters love to play with poly poly bugs, so now he thinks bugs are really cool. Mommy on the other hand does not,  but I will not discourage them from wanting to learn about bugs,  I was beyond happy when the box from Summit Toys Backyard Safari Outfitters section arrived.

The kids received and have loved playing with

Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest
It’s your most essential piece of field gear. It’s rugged, and tough enough for all your outdoor adventures. Plenty of cargo pockets means lots of space to load up. Six D-Rings and two shoulder epaulets let you clip and hang more essential gear. A large zipper pocket stores your trusty binocs and a clear-view chest pocket stores your Pop-Up Field Guides™. The back of the vest features a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap and two extra mesh pockets for storing extra gear. It’s the must-have for every BACKYARD SAFARI™ kid.

My oldest loves this. as they all play with one particular item we received, and this was her choice, because it allows her to play with the other 2 but not to be so down and dirty, as she is kinda a girly girl. The kids all really like all the pockets though, and I can see this vest having many more adventures in my house.

Field Binoculars 
The BACKYARD SAFARI™ FIELD BINOCULARS are standard issue for every outdoor enthusiast. The 5 X 30 power crystal clear optics bring nature up close in crisp detail. Adjustable, rugged, and waterproof, these binocs are the first piece of equipment you need in your collection of ESSENTIAL FIELD GEAR

My 4 year old loves these, she likes to be able to see the animals in the trees, the traffic on the street, and even what is going on, in the other end of the house. It's so fun to watch the kids outside, and to listen to the imaginations they have. I wondered about the durability of these, but they really seem to hold up well.

And last but not least....

Bug Wrangler's Extreme Suction Bug Vacuum
There are THOUSANDS of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs in your backyard – catch them LIVE with your Bug Vac! Look at bugs UP-CLOSE with built-in magnifying Glass! CAPTURE CORE attaches to the Bug Habitat (sold separately) for easy transfer of your insects.

This is my son's favorite new toy. he calls it his " bug gun" and the kids all love to use it when ever they see a bug in the house, to get it outside. It really is strong enough to suck  up most types of bugs. 

There  are so many more toys in the Backyard Safari Collection to check out, and some I see my self buying for my kids, when my son gets a little older. Overall the toys are well made, and most are reasonably priced. 


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