Saturday, August 6, 2011

30 Meals in One Day Review and Giveaway.

30 Meals in One Day

We all live busy lives weather it be a full time job and kids... or your a student , and have dinner for your family ready quick, and with the busy life I lead... although I am home all day and that would allow me to use a slow cooker to make home cooked meals... I can not spend all day in the kitchen everyday with the kids, and a husband who can work sometimes 60 houses a week I need to thing I can think of quick and I am the one who always has to decide what's for dinner.

I also don't like to spend alot of money at the store on processed foods that I know are quick and Easy. I was very happy to get to review 30 Meals in One Day, because it allowed me to choose from a long list of recipes, sadly though for my picky eaters the list wasn't as long... I struggled to find 14 things that everyone would eat.

The software is super easy to use, and if you set up a menu, the software  will even give you a shopping list, but there is ingredients in some of the recipes that I had never heard of, and had to go buy, even if I am unsure I will ever use it again.

I can defiantly see  this program making the grocery bill smaller and giving me more time. Many people ask for ideas when they are having a baby and this would be perfect for that. 



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