Friday, August 12, 2011

Lavaque Tweezers Review

LaVaque Tweezers stands behind its motto " Beauty requires Precision™" promising extreme accuracy with a kiss of Extravagance.Our tweezers are here to stay and we are determined to make a significant mark. With low overhead and the Best Tweezers in the industry we can strongly say it is time the public can buy a professional tweezer that is affordable. We stand behind our tweezers with the Best Guarantee:You Break'em, You Dull'em, We Replace'em ™. No Questions Asked. When you hold these tweezers in your hand you will be convinced you have a professional, quality made tweezer that is trusted pluck for pluck.

LaVaque Enterprises LLC first gained its popularity in the Diamond Industry, under our sister company LaVaque Tools. In August of 2006, the LaVaque Head & Shank tweezers became a new innovation for setting diamonds. Featured in multiple magazines and boasted as INSTORE Magazines May's Hot List of Business-Boosting Products of 2007 these tweezers are currently being distributed to over six of the top jewelry tool companies in the industry. LaVaque continues to be an influence in the Diamond Industry with new patents and products coming to market.

I have never had a pair of tweezers, I have truly loved, in all my years of being out on my own. What I had found over the years, that most are not that great for plucking eyebrows pulling out a stray hair that is out of place, or even to pull out a sliver, they always required  more then one try, sometimes even ten. Who really has that much time with 3 kids ? I know I don't. I am so thankful that I came across the LaVaque Tweezers,  they are great for all the uses,I have put them through .

They aren't the super cheap ones you'll find at the store but rather a slightly thicker really well made, I'm sure will last a very long time, tweezers. I am beyond certain they will last me for a long time. The standard Slanted model I received is $19.95 an available for purchase  here

LaVaque also offers some really cool Tweezers,

 Swarovski Crystals in the handles make these really neat, this one , happens to be Peridot, my birthstone. 


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