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Brand Down Under Review

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Since 2005, with the launch of OiOi Baby Bags in America, we have focused on distributing innovative baby products from Australia. Today, we are proud to say that we are now a family of 7 leading Australian brands.

From diaper bags and baby accessories to maternity products and organic skin care, our goal has been to select brands that offer you and your customers something a little different.
From 1 brand in 2005 to 7 brands in 2011, our focus remains the same which is to provide you with excellent customer service, sales support, and commitment to building consumer awareness in our innovative brands.

I was given the chance to review 4 awesome products carried by an awesome company called Brand Down Under. Not only did I find the company to be great but the products are fantastic quality,and  more then surpass my expectations. I was sent to review 

Australian designed, creates everyday baby essentials with a difference. Everything we do epitomizes innovation and practicality. In this way we make the lives of parents that little bit easier – in a fun, functional and stylish way.

We launched to market in 2009 with the essential baby box, the world’s first all-in-one wipes box and nappy wallet. But our story began two years before with a trip with a newborn. Ever tried changing a nappy in an airline cubicle? Mission impossible – and so was born.

Today, is stocked in over 400 stores nationally and in 15 countries. The essential baby box also won the 2010 Australian Business Award for Best New Product and was awarded 2010 Best Product – Gear & Equipment in the leading US iParenting Awards.

B.Box Beep Beep Diaper Wallet
I choose to review this Beep Beep diaper wallet from I love the very bright Red and Blue cars that show on the diaper Change mat, which is super nice to have,and so easy to clean, all you have to do is wipe it off to clean it. Which also makes it ideal for a changing table in a daycare setting. Also great to take on the go because it has separate compartments for different things. 
Not all that big, but big enough to hold my son's size 4 diaper. I do think the price tag of $24.95 is reasonable for this baby item, and it really is a neat item.  I have been using it awhile now, and it has held up great, no signs of wearing out or breaking. diaper wallets are available in many other designs.

OiOi Sophisticated Baby bags are the brainchild of Lisa Bennetts. More than 10 years ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Isabella, who gave her the inspiration to create a label that empowered mothers to have the confidence to look amazing and feel equally as good! With a wealth of experience in fashion and accessories product development, working with companies such as Swarovksi Crystal, Europe and Oroton Australia, the birth of Lisa's daughter sparked the idea for a stylish yet functional baby bag - The OiOi bag was born!

OiOi bags have led the way for over a decade and are THE original and essential style accessory that mother's throughout the world love almost as much as the little ones themselves! OiOi has continued to evolve, expanding from an Australian owned and designed brand to an internationally recognized label. The company's continued success in an increasingly competitive market is a result of Lisa's knowledgeable background and ability to combine new season fashion with functional and innovative designs.

OiOi Baby bags are stylish, innovative and practical bags known for their superb quality and reliability. The bags are loved for their spectacular designs, vibrant fabrics, and functional styles that have no comparison. Sprouting from a single bag in 1997, the collection now resembles a lively, bustling family with over 40 styles available.

Ever since I say a OiOi bag, I knew I wanted one, but had to question weather or not the $140-$180 price tag was worth it.  
to those of us, who may only make minimum wage, YES, these diaper bags are Awesome. I love mine, and am sad that my son will be potty trained in a few months and I won't get to use it, but I can be sure that when I pass it down to a friend it will still be stylish, and in great shape, based on the quality of this Diaper Bag. I choose this adorable Safari Hobo bag.

I even love the matching accessories the   Stroller strap though is the best part, I know I have had bags that have drug on the ground or I had to try to balance the bag, and pushing the stroller, the OiOi bag has made a huge difference, and the best part is... My OiOi Bag , isn't a traditional mommy bag. 

At Fertile Mind we specialize in clever maternity wear, nursing wear and other products designed to help women look and feel their best, right throughout pregnancy and following the birth.  

Since inventing the award-winning Belly Belt maternity wear solution in 1996, company founder and former TV presenter Christine Kininmonth has worked with the Fertile Mind team to source similarly inspired maternity wear ideas. Like the Belly Belt that allowed Christine to continue to wear her on-camera work clothes instead of maternity wear when she was pregnant, all Fertile Mind products are designed to minimize the disruption to a woman's life (and wardrobe!), so she can feel more stylish and relaxed.

For example, Bellybra is the most comfortable maternity support garment you'll ever wear and the fabulous 6 Way Dress is the most versatile maternity dress available. We've got lots of other great maternity wear designs, so please browse our catalogue.
And the story keeps growing. Fertile Mind is now available in around 30 countries, and we're always on the lookout for new designs to add to our range. If you have a clever idea or maternity wear product that you think would make life easier for pregnant women, then contact us now.
Although I am not pregnant and will never be again, until recently I was still nursing which means that my chest was not the same. I am fairly large chested, and because of this it means my boobs are not always in the most comfortable of bras. I am weirdly sized, in regular bras, and have never been a huge fan of sports bras so what was I to do? I am so so glad it was suggested to me to try this great Bra. It's so so comfortable, and easy to put on, I will admit I wish it held my boobs up a little more, but none the less does offer great support. Would I buy this Bra, Oh yes I would $34.95 for a bra that is comfortable enough to sleep in, as well as wear with pretty much anything.  

You will find these and so many other great products at Brand Down Under -

Our mission is to provide a brand that people can trust, high quality 'clean and green' products to the mainstream population through all distribution channels so it is easy to purchase, to be a part of daily bathroom routines, all without the high price tag normally associated with natural and organic products.
Launched in 2002, GAIA Natural Baby was created by mum Michelle Vogrinec after her baby developed eczema when he was just 8 weeks old. Michelle couldn't find skin care products suitable for little Josh's skin which led her to create a range of gentle non-irritating products to care for his skin.
More recent brand extensions include GAIA Pure Pregnancy - pure, natural, organic products designed to assist your body with the transition from pregnancy to motherhood and GAIA Skin + Body Care - divine, nourishing products especially designed for women's skin care issues, like dealing with sensitivities, combating dryness and ageing and maintaining healthy skin.
Our ingredients are well researched and sourced through reputable companies and suppliers that provide high quality goods and have proven certification certificates assuring us and you of their purity. In fact most of our products are manufactured in ACO Certified Organic Processing plants and all products are manufactured to strict GMP practices and undergo quality testing prior to release.
We have chosen NOT to use ingredients known to cause skin irritation or that are suspected to be harmful so there's NO sulphates, petrochemicals, lanolin, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol, phthalates or artificial fragrances in any of our products.
We pride ourselves on always maintaining a high standard of ethics, honesty and customer service and we are a company passionate about looking after the health and wellbeing of others using sustainable methods and incorporating eco friendly business practices.

Gaia was a company I had never heard of, and that really intrigued my thoughts on this review , My son is 2.5 now however his skin is so sensitive, that almost anything makes his eczema flair, so I was skeptical about the use of this line of products, but they do not disappoint, I love the small bottles, and thing they are great for travel. The normal size bottles are semi- reasonably priced, at $11.99.  



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