Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Rock Apparel Review and discount code

Founded in 2004, Baby Rock Apparel was created out of the necessity to clothe infant, baby and toddler boys in trendy baby clothes. Baby Rock Apparel was among the first baby clothes manufacturers to offer hip baby clothes with an edge for boys and girls. The market is crowded with followers, but Baby Rock continues to lead the pack with innovative stylish designs on one-pieces, t-shirts, hoodies, caps and beanies.

Baby Rock Apparel also created the ingenious "Tinkle Tube" device, that makes taking little boys potty away from home a breeze. The Tinkle Tube has been mentioned in numerous publications, radio shows and TV Networks for it silly name, but also receives praise for being such a simple efficient tool for boys who are potty training.Baby Rock Apparel can be found in over 200 boutiques in the United States, Canada and Europe.Making much more than a fashion statement, Baby Rock Apparel donates a portion of its profits to The Pediatric Cancer Foundation. "Cancer has impacted our family like it has so many others, so we found it fitting to contribute to this great foundation to help kids", says Kimberly Strayer, President of Baby Rock Apparel.

I was thrilled to come across a site that made shirts, that are fun, 
Easily Distracted
what small child isn't easily distracted?
I think it fits perfectly.

Random Acts of Craziness

I like these shirts because  they are in good taste,and not offensive
I chose this one for my 2 year old son, because it suits him, my BFF has twin 2 year old girls that M little Z is forever flirting with them. 

I have washed this shirt a few times, and it hasn't faded, and the print has not started to peel off. Which is a plus for me, since I swear some toddler clothing just doesn't stack up.  I'm not certain that I would spend $24.99 on a shirt for my son normally that he is going to outgrow in a few short months but, the clothing at Baby Rock Apparel is defiantly cute. 

One thing I love though is they offer baby and toddler belts
Cool Baby & Toddler Belts

I have struggled to find belts that will fit my super skinny toddlers for year. Never could I find one... until now. $13.99 is not a bad price either.

Over all I do think Baby Rock Apparel is a very cute idea, and If my girls we younger I can honestly say the Pettiskirts would have been  a must buy for me.


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