Monday, August 15, 2011

IsABelt Review

   isabelt invisible belt

isABelt Ltd… founded in 2007 was the brainchild of partner and inventor Leslie Wilkins-Gaudio. Leslie came up with the idea if the isABelt while shopping for a pair of new low-rise jeans. As cute as the pants were, they would not stay up and you could see right down the back of her pants if she bent over or sat down. She found that she was wearing a belt even when she didn’t want to or her outfit didn’t call for a belt. Leslie saw that her friends all had the same problems and the isABelt was born.

IsABelt is a wonderful idea, It really never fails when I need a belt, it really ends up making me look like I'm pudgier then I really am, and really what women wants that? Not one I know, It also solves the problem of matching your belt to your shoes or outfit.  I hate that when I need a belt to actually hold up my pants, I need to make sure it is black or brown to match my shoes, or outfit, really is annoying because the belt is visible this really was the issue until I discovered IsABelt.

isABelt Virtually Invisible Belt Features:
• Helps eliminate back-gap, belt-bulk and belt slippage
• Great for fashion issues stemming from low-riser styles
• All sizes adjust down to accommodate smaller sizes
• Small, medium and large size adjusts down to fit a size "0"
• Plus adjusts down to fit a size "4"
• Made of 1/2 inch wide elastic
• Clean with damp cloth 

Made in China

I love mine for summer days when a bulky belt only adds to the uncomfortable feeling   IsAbelt has really helped me with this awful problem. Now it really has me wondering if the IsAbelt Jr would be ideal for my daughters very skinny waist... They also come in fun designs to spruce up that boring pair of blue jeans.

IsAstrips are also a very nice ideas, as I am sure we have all had a shirt, or dress that maybe shows more then we meant to such as 

IsAStrips can really help with this as you can use the strips to secure the shirt or dress to your body, so that you have a look more like this.

I think my favorite product from the IsABelt store is the 

StrapSecure, because I am not a small chested women,I have issues all the time with my bra straps digging into my shoulders, or even not quite enough support, and what I have found it that I LOVE to wear the StrapSecure almost everyday...I love the fact each package comes contains both a black and a clear StrapSecure

I would have to say the girls behind IsABelt really have a nack for coming up with great products... that a great for women and really can help us fix our little fashion flaws...


Kendra said...

hmmm I might have to get one of these isabelt's after I have my baby!

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