Saturday, August 20, 2011

Premier Pet Products Review and Giveaway

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I will start off this post with the statement we now have a furbaby on loan from my very dear, Brother in Law. He moved back to town and brought his dog, who for about 2 months has lived with us her name is Casey and she is a pure bred Pitbull also known as the American Staffordshire terrier , She is sweet as can be and I have no interest in hearing negative comments. My children love her and she loves them... more about that later though.

We got a chance to review 3 great items from Premier Pet Products... as I stated she is a pit, and weighs about 60lbs... she is also very strong, and I feel this really put to the test the Harness and leash, because she can really pull if she wants to and I was worried she may be able to break the harness by how narrow the medium that Casey needed was.
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I choose the Sure Fit Harness, but wanted it in Dusty Rose, and lite Purple/ Pink color... my kids love it... my brother in law deals with it. We have went for a couple walks with her in this harness,and it't holding up great. No sign of wear or tear and it helps me to control her that much better, which is great because sadly she falls under the stereo type of being mean, really she is so sweet. 

We also received a matching in color 3/4 6 foot leash, so she looks so cute walking down the street.

She was not letting me take her picture tonight... but here are a couple of her in our driveway. 

 These were taken in my front yard. I truly love how easy it is to put this harness on her... and how cute she looks. I forsee this lasting us quite awhile.
You can buy the SureFit Harness in a few different colors for $16-$22 depending on the size. The Nylon leash to match is $6-$11 depending on size and length.

We also got the chance to review
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A toy called Tennis Tug available in Argyle shown above or Purple which we received.  Casey loves to play tog of war, and is pretty good at it since she is so strong, so I though this would be perfect for her... She played with it right away,and sadly the tennis ball didn't survive the first day. the Fleece rope however is still holding strong with almost daily use, and she will play for hours if you will play with her. Truthfully this has become everyone favorite toy, it has just the right amount of stretch, and is well made.. priced at $16 dollars I can say this is a toy I would buy again and again.

Premier has offered one of you, the same items I received to review... ( you choose color and size.)



Ciao Mama's said...

Awww congrats on your new fur baby...Love me some dogs....:0)
New follower from blog hop weekend. If you could come by and visit my sight it would be great!

Ashley S said...

Awww Casey is so cute! I'm sure my dogs Fred and Mojo will love these products too :)
abgillette at

Ashley S said...

I would pick the surefit harness in Teal!
abgillette at

cstironkat said...

I would choose royal blue for my surefit harness.

Zoe Kyklos said...

I like the harness in Navy Blue or Green

Zoe Kyklos said...

For the tugger, I would choose Argyle. Thank you!

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