Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saline Soothers Review

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bulletSaline (Sodium Chloride) is a mineral found naturally in the earth that excels at dissolving mucus when used in the right concentration.
bulletBuilding on the proven effectiveness of saline, the makers of Boogie Wipes have created Saline Soothers Moisturizing Nose Wipes.
bulletDry tissues can chap your nose and those with aloe can leave a filmy residue on your skin. Not so with Saline Soothers.
bulletPre-moistened with natural saline, vitamin E, and aloe, Saline Soothers are designed to do just that – soothe.
bulletSaline cleans and helps dissolve mucus, while moisturizing aloe and vitamin E keep your nose looking and feeling up to snuff.
bulletAs always our products are hypoallergenic and alcohol free. Like Boogie Wipes, Saline Soothers come in three refreshing scents: Cool Menthol, Fragrance Free, and Light Lavender.

It's getting into peak allergy season here in Michigan .... and that means runny noses and sneezing but who wants the big red sore nose from all that nose wiping? Not one person I know, I know I've even taken to using a baby wipe, but those can get expensive, and they can also leave a residue no one likes. So what is an adult to do... My kids have Boogie Wipes for such reasons but I am pleased to tell you about a product that now is always in my purse during sick or allergy seasons.
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Saline Soothers are a moisturizer nose wipe , but instead of water,or soap they use Saline, to make a very nice, product... Months ago I reviewed Boogie Wipes, and still buy them to this day. I can honestly say I would like to try the other two scents, but Saline soothers are defiantly an item  would purchase.

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Saline soothers are available for purchase at Many stores just take a look here for a store near you.



Nicole Orriƫns said...

Oh, I absolute loath having a cold! These tissues sound great, but I hope I won't be needing them any time soon.

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