Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mother-Ease Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway Us and Canada Only Ends 8/26

Mother Ease Cloth Diapers

Our eldest son, Aaron, was born in 1981. At that time, I used traditional flat, rectangular cloth diapers, which need to be folded and pinned, along with the plastic pant which went over top to keep his clothes dry. My next two children were cloth diapered this same way, but by the time our fourth child arrived, I had concluded that there MUST be a better way of cloth diapering. In deference to the environment and to minimize cost, I was determined not to use disposable diapers. 
Shortly after Sandy was born, I set to work to design a diaper that would make my life easier and Sandy’s more comfortable. The result was our breathable All In One cloth diaper. With an exclusive side ventilation system, it combines an outer waterproof cover with an inner absorbent cotton material. Plastic snaps make cloth diapering easy and it fits a baby’s bottom snugly. 

I have used a few different cloth diapers on my son, and I do have my favorites, I have heard wonderful things about fitted Diapers so I was so thrilled to try out the Mother-ease one size diaper system. I patiently awaited the arrival, and could not wait to get started so I washed it as soon as it came, after washing an drying, I put the diaper on my son... which honestly is one of the biggest diapers I have ever seen, I am very used to pockets though so that might have something to do with how big it looked.

One Size Cloth Diapers

My son wore it for a little while, and it absorbed well when he peed. I also was sent 

a side snapping air flow cover... since fitteds need a cover to be completely leak proof. My son however was not fond of the snaps being on the side, and refused to wear it.  I am certain the  leg snaps are what bothered him though because that is where he said the cover was hurting him. Over all I do think that Mother-ease makes absorbent diapers, but I would not call them Trim fitting at all.  Maybe it's just fitteds that aren't a match for us.. but Mother-ease  offers more then just what I received,

Wizard Uno AIO also known as all in one.

 Wizard Duo AI2 or All in 2

Sandy's Cloth Diapers

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