Friday, August 19, 2011

Ball Claw Review

Like many great ideas, the Ball Claw started in a garage. The inventor John Kurcheski, creative designer of toys and other products, met Kurt Kay, business owner and entrepreneur, at a garage sale and both knew something amazing happened that day. They both decided to throw caution to the wind and start a business designing, manufacturing and marketing a brand new product.
The product, The Ball Claw, had been in the mind of John for years, but without the right match in a partner he was never able to move forward. Both Kurt and John pulled specific important people in their lives to create a team that has all the components needed in developing a business. With a common interest of new innovative products, creative genius and the necessary drive and energy to develop a product from scratch, The Ball Claw was born.
Everyone started working right away, sacrificing their day jobs and home life that had long provided security and financial safety for a need to search for "that one thing" that really makes you tick … that thing they had not yet found in life. So the creators got to work quickly and diligently, in the garage of course, while the business minded researched patents, LLC development and finances. Time of day or night was not a priority. Through patent application, marketing research, manufacturing, testing, packaging, display, website, logo design, trade shows and sales and here we are, our vision of the Ball Claw finally in our hands, with a finished product that we believe in and stand behind.

When I came across the site for the Ball Claw an idea popped into my head, of the collectible football someone I 
know has, and was not at all properly displayed. That all changed when Ball Claw allowed me to review a set of Ball Claws. My children own soccer, and basketballs, and I love the idea that by using the Ball Claw

Ball Claw for SoccerBall Claw for FootballBall Claw for Basketball
Since they can be hung almost anywhere, I can see the Ball Claw helping to organize garages everywhere. Easy enough to use, that even your kids could use them. how nice would that be? to have your kids actually help pick up and put away the balls, instead of having to chase or trip over them. 

I do think the $11.99 each price tag is reasonable, for the versatility of them.  Would I buy them, Yes when my son gets a little older, I am sure he will play sports, and to keep the mess at bay I think the Ball Claw will be my answer since they offer one for, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Football.


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