Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scandle Review

Scandle - A Body Candle

Scandle LLC is committed to providing our customers with high-grade, spa quality, skin care products that are made with the industry's most natural ingredients - no petroleums or mineral oils,100% Vegan, drug-free, & cruelty-free.
At Scandle LLC, we believe that nature provides us with it's own healing and restorative properties and have harnessed the power of nature through our high-quality products.
Since its inception in 2005, The Scandle Body Massage Candle has been received in the skin-care industry as, "The first and only candle that is truely healthy for your skin & the environment.

I love candles, but my husband is not a fan of smelly things. lotions, candles,and sprays all can annoy him, I am thankful to say that the scandle candle really is wonderful, I mean what could be better then a dual purpose candle? I know one that burns just above body temperature, so that it can be used  for a massage oil, and still burns like a regular candle is great. I love my Scandle candle , it's loveSpell scented, which is my fav scent from VS, although the smell is slightly different, I still very much enjoy it. 

Burning the candle for a short time provides enough massage oil to do a back or maybe your feet... I do really like that fact that it really leaves the skin soft, and not super oily afterwards, that was my thought at first, but really it is very nice to use, and I'm think about buying another, I really want to try out the Sex on the beach scent next.

Maybe you want to try one but your nervous about scents, then why not order a sample pack for $15.95

Although they are wick less there is still ways to heat them up to really test out the scents... see if the texture of the oil is for you.



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