Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lindo twist-n-roll tweezers Review

I received two great products  from Lindo to review the first is the Twist n roll Tweezers.
Very simple to use,  you simply bend them into a upside down U or an N shape and roll the handles across your face, to remove unwanted hair. I must have super sensitive skin, because whenever I use them, it really hurts. The website does offer advise for this, but since I don't have excess facial hair, so I didn't try it, and can't say it's that they are something I will use on a regular basis, they do remove  more then one hair at a time, and would be great for a woman with facial hair she doesn't want to bleach or pluck anymore. 

Next up is the Lindo Swirly do's 

I saw these in a store the other day, and thought they were super interesting looking, which made me super happy when I pulled them out of the envelope.I have always had lots of hair, and because of this it gets very heavy, and I hate it in my face. Not to mention working with toddlers also means I get my hair pulled alot over the week, and I hate that, so I keep it up most of the time. I however do not like the lines in my hair of I leave it up when wet, or the headache I get after a while, or the fact my hair tie will snap on me, at the worst times, and then I'm out of luck. 

Those day are over for me, now that I have the Swirly do's no more lines even if I put my hair up straight out of the shower, no more hair a mess in the mornings, yes they really hold that well, and no more headaches. they are great, and even manage to stay in my daughters fine hair. They will defiantly be on our shopping list.


Life Unexpected: Adventures of a SAHM said...

Following you from the hop I'd love a follow back :)

elenareviews said...

I need one too......I have long hair and my two daughters too....

Erika said...

That looks handy! Thanks for the review!
I’m a new follower from the blog hop. I hope you’ll stop by my blog too! Have a fantastic week!
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Keith said...

Thanks for spreading the word about SwirlyDos and Twist-n-Roll.

I Love said...

It's nice to know your thoughts about these items. Thank you.

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