Monday, August 22, 2011

Green Ostrich Solar Flashlight Review and Giveaway.

Green Ostrich
A woman-owned business founded in 2009 based just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Green Ostrich™ started with the following observation: the energy-intensive retail stores that we frequent do not offer many Earth-friendly, green products. That, and we were spending a lot of time and energy driving in our car to and from these stores.
So, we decided to create an online store dedicated to Earth-friendly, green gifts and green toys to spark a consumer movement that requires environmentally-sound solutions for our lives. We help people make changes, not sacrifices. We help them live well and refresh the Earth.
The power to make change rests with the individual consumer. They have to lead the way; they always do. When consumers decide to make the Earth a priority, the priorities of businesses and governments will shift.
To save the Earth, we have to refresh the resources we borrow. Using Earth-friendly products in our daily lives helps. Learn to recognize them. Demand them. Buy them . . . if not from us, from someone else. Doing that consistently will move markets and governments, and the Earth will rebound from its concerning negative trends. 

It never seems to fail, when I need a flashlight, I can't seem to find one with batteries, normally I'm looking for one, because the dog has gotten a hold of something, last time it was a possum, at 10:30 at night, I thought I was going to get to go to bed,  but instead I got to figure out, what it was, and then bury it, all by flashlight.

When I received  the Green Ostrich Solor Flashlight, I followed the directions, and wound it up for a minute. Later that night is when I needed it,and as long as I was winding it, It would keep lit however if I shopped with in 30 seconds, it would falter, and It really is next to impossible to wind the flashlight, and dig a hole. Needless to say , at this point, I was thinking maybe it was just new. I used it again last night to try and do something, and I wound it up for a good 10 minutes before hand, and still the same issue. 
SolaDyne Solar Flashlight
I left it out in the sun, to see if it would charge that way, and to my annoyance, I did not get very good results, but it did stay lit for about 5 minutes. Overall I am hoping the one I received happens to be defective, other wise I can not recommend this product to all of you.  The Solar Flashlight is priced, $17.89, and sold at

Want a chance to win one,I'm curious if your results very....



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