Thursday, August 4, 2011

FunRise Toys Gazillion bubbles Review and Giveaway US only ends 8/19

Founded in 1987, Funrise is an adventurous innovator of superior toys and an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of the most popular children's toys. Simply put…we create fun! Funrise’s core property portfolio includes Gazillion® Bubbles, HEADBANGERS™, Home Arcade, Tub Town®, Lil’ Cupcake®, Sassy Stables™, Shelcore’s Shake ‘N Bobbles®, Sunny Steps and Play & Imagine® with leading licensed power brands such as Tonka®, Disney©, Sesame Street©, National Geographic© and more, making our product offerings diverse and full of fun for kids of all ages! Funrise Toy Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Matrix Holdings Limited. Funrise U.S. headquarters are located in Van Nuys, CA, with offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and France and with additional showrooms in Dallas, Minneapolis, Bentonville and Miami. Funrise is operated by Arnie Rubin, vice chairman of Matrix and CEO of Funrise who also serves as Chairman of the Toy Industry Foundation (T.I.F.) and past Chair of the Toy Industry Association (T.I.A.). Funrise’s success results from its commitment to quality manufacturing, progressive marketing and a values-based corporate culture.

Kids love toys, that is just a well known fact of life, and  my kids are surely no different to this rule, they have tons of them, my son's favorite right now with summer here though is bubbles. That is why I am glad to tell you about one of FunRise Toys great toy brands Gazilion Bubbles.

FunRise toys offers many different brands  including 

Disney Bubbles
Sesame Street Bubbles

Head Bangers

and even a few more.

On to the reason for my post today, Funrise Toys 
We received a couple of great toys to try out, and boy did the kids love them,
Gazillion Streamin' Bubbles
Gazillion Streamin Bubbles
The battery operated Gazillion Streamin' Bubbles produces a continuous stream of colorful bubbles. Includes 4 oz. of the one and only Gazillion bubble solution. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. 

My kids really liked this, because it creates a ton of bubbles, and is not hard at all to operate, even my son was at only 2 can work it well enough to really have fun, and we have to make sure we have it outside when ever we go out to play, because the kids repeatedly ask for it. The only real con to this toy I could find is that  if it's not kept upright, it will not blow bubbles, and if tipped to far will leak bubbles everywhere, over all though it is a great bubble gun,and I would recommend it .

Other toy from FunRise and Gazillion Bubbles we were sent is
Gazillion Hydro Bubble 
Gazillion Hydro Bubbles
The Gazillion Hydro Bubble is a squirt gun and a bubble blower ALL IN ONE! Just turn the switch on to produce a stream of a gazillion bubbles or pull the trigger for some water gun action! Includes 4 oz of the one and only Gazillion Bubble solution. Batteries required, not included.

We had fun with this one, although the dipping in the little container, every time you wanted to make a bubble, and having to set it down to be spilled wasn't as fun, but when my unsuspecting neighbor was on his way over to see the kids new toys, thinking it was just a bubble gun, gave me the chance to show him, he was rather shocked that it was spraying water, and I love the fact it was fun for all of us. Not just the kids, but My husband and I as well.

We have been so busy with work and life, so I have to say Thank You FunRise for helping us remember just how much fun, and how rewarding it is to play with the kids again as a family.

Buy it:
Gazillion bubbles are available stores all over, I've seen them at, Target, Meijer,  Walmart.

Win it:  
One lucky reader will win a  Gazillion Streamin Bubbles of their own. 



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