Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jamberry Nails Review and Giveaway US only ends 8/26

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Jamberry Nails started with three sisters. 
We created Jamberry Nails to provide a simple way to brighten your day.  We constantly get letters and feedback from customers letting us know how much they love the product and how many compliments they get day after day. We know you'll love the product too and feel great wearing your Nail Shields.
You'll also love Jamberry Nails because of how easily they can be applied and how many different looks you can acheive by mixing and matching. Our Nail Shields will give you that high-end salon look in the convenience of your own home.
We are passionate about making a great product and keeping up with the latest trends in our designs.  If you have any feedback for our company we would love to hear it. 

You may be asking what are Jamberry nails, I know I was the first time I had head the name to.
Upon visiting their site, I learned they are a new technique to add color to your nails, without the hassle of, haling out the bottles of polish, and then hoping you don't smudge anything, while waiting forever for the polish to dry.  I hate that but I also hate my toenails, so they are always painted.  I was really happy to get the chance to try out and tell all of you about the nail shields.

Nail Sheets

I love the color choices that are offered by Jamberry Nails
I think my personal favorites are
Vibrant Pinwheel
Vibrant Pinwheels 
and the ones I received were 
Camo Grey

I waited a couple days, to put them on, because I stay busy during the week, I read the directions and applied them, which was semi easy to do, I did however not really like how heavy they felt on my toes. I also applied them to my 8 year old's toes to be fun, but for some reason hers came off  with in a couple days. 

Really I am sure it was something I did to apply them, that resulted in the way they fell off, and for me it was just a personal choice . They really are a great idea, and super easy to apply. I wouldn't buy them, but I would recommend them to others, Jamberry Nails just weren't for me.



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