Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zylie The Bear Review

Zylie the bear

My kids all love stuffed animals, and we have several , but they lose the appeal with all the kids very soon after they arrive and I'm left with a box of toys that never get played with, because really, they are great to cuddle, but they don't have other features and sadly after a little while the imaginary stories that make up the life of the toys are forgotten.

We love Zylie the bear, she has a story that although is not made up by  my the kids, but is still very fascinating just the same,  and they love to hear it.  The girls make up stories also about exotic places that Zylie will travel or has just come back from. It's so fun to hear them playing and talking about Zylie and how her outfit doesn't fit to go somewhere tropical .  Maybe we will have to invest in one of her other outfits soon.

Zylie The Bear Kit comes complete with

  • 18" jointed bear with fashionable clothes and accessories
  • Comes with signature flounce top, skinny jeans and white coat
  • Kit also includes Zylie orange tote, complete with her map, diary and passport
  • First book in the Zylie adventure series included!
I really wish we would have discovered Zylie sooner. and would recommend her to any mom. although she does carry a hefty price tag at $75 dollars, for all the fun my kids have had, I would defiantly think it's well worth it.



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