Monday, July 25, 2011

Adult Post 18+

If you are under the age of 18 you are not invited to enter this giveaway or read this post and I ask that you close this post right now. If you are over 18 please keep reading if you wish but please understand this post is about an adult website and about an adult toy.

ok I have to be honest with this review and tell you this is something I have always wanted to try... A Rabbit. So I took this chance and decided to try out one... with the  help of the Adult toy Shoppe , I got to review  
Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibrator
The Water Proof Jack Rabbit
The first time you enjoy this beauty, you'll immediately agree it's one of the greatest sex toys for women.
Solid gel surface is very slippery when wet, the firm probing penis tip gyrates in a circular motion while the 3 rows of metal beads spin internally massaging your clenching vaginal muscles proving it's the best waterproof jack rabbit vibrator. You'll definitely notice this rotation and it really does enhance your orgasm.
The long rabbit ears are sturdy enough to sit firmly on each side of the clit and the vibrating motor tingles! The bunny head is firm and if you would like to insert the shaft further, your clitoris can press against the head for a more direct approach.
There are 3 speeds of vibration and rotation and with the push of a button you can set it to the intensity that suits you the best. If you've searched for the best rabbit vibrator, this is your result and we're confident you'll love it.
Measures 10 inches long with 5 inches insertable up to the 3 1/4 inch long clitoral rabbit stimulator. The hefty shaft measures 1 1/2 inches wide, the motor uses 3 AA batteries, not included.

I have always had high hopes of what the Jack Rabbit could do for me... it has great features

The head gyrates and that could give a great feeling, equipped with a button that even allows you to switch the direction of the Gryarations. 

The bunny has 3 speeds and that really does allow all different levels of Pleasure.

For me the Jack Rabbit was not quite what I was hoping it would be... maybe because I'm not new to toys and know exactly what I want or like .. and the Gyrations weren't quite strong enough... the vibrations are great and the Jack Rabbit does offer to be a great toy for the beginner or even someone that is super sensitive but for me .. I think I need a little more.

I think I really need to try the Jack Rabbit 2 which offers a little more. You will find the Jack Rabbit in the Vibrators for women section under rabbit vibrators at



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