Friday, July 22, 2011

Babo Botanicals Review

With the launch of Babo Botanicals, my mission is to provide the highest quality, purest hair, scalp and skincare products for babies and kids. Both my personal and professional experiences have contributed to my inspiration for the line. After the birth of my first child and drawing on my 10 years of experience in product development for beauty companies such as L'Oreal, Parfums Givenchy and Avon, it seemed like most baby "grooming" products were long on chemical names and didn't truly address our children's particular hair and skin problems. I sought to develop a line of botanical products that offer parents the same level of choice they value in selecting products for themselves.

I am always looking for new things to try out for my kiddos sensitive skin because, even the lost expensive products don't do what they say, and store brands have way to many additives for my liking, but it's hard to find natural skin care products that don't smell all natural . Bobo botanicals doesn't carry such a strong smell,and I think the Oat Milk Calendula smells rather pleasant.

Babo Botanicals Oatmilk and Calendula

  • The gentlest blend of nourishing botanicals soothe and protect sensitive or dry skin.
  • Collodial Oatmeal is well known to comfort itchy, dry, chafed skin associated with eczema.
  • Organic Calendula Oil and Shea Butter moisturize skin and help relieve cradle cap.
  • Perfect for the entire family. Gentle for pregnant women.
Certified Organic Nutri-Soothe™ Blend rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants combines Chamomile, Watercress, Kudzu and Calendula
This is a great lotion and does a fantastic job of softening skin, and over all moisturizing. It doesn't take much and does not at all feel greasy, but rather absorbs into the skin quickly. I love the  quickness of the effects to, It also hasn't at all made Z's eczema flair up which is a very important factor for me, his little skin is just so sensitive . The only down side of the bottle I received is the pump would  not work for anything no matter how many times, I turned it the way, the top say to turn it to open it, and can't get it to pop up for anything.

Babo Botanicals Oat Milk  Calendula Shampoo

  • Extra gentle plant-based cleansers soothe and nourish skin
  • Oatmilk helps comfort skin associate with eczema, dry patches or chafed skin
  • Calendula Oil is known to help soothe scalps with cradle cap or dry patches
  • Leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny
Certified Organic Nutri-Soothe™ Blend rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants combines Chamomile, Watercress, Kudzu and Calendula
I love this as well, My kids have not complained one time that their little eyes hurt when  they have soap in them. I have tried several different types tear free shampoo, and they do still burn so what makes them tear free? Well thus Babo botanicals shampoo really is. that is the one thing I can  be sure of.  

Would I buy these? if my kids weren't growing up so fast yes I would , but the older they get the more I tend to stray away from Baby products, still I may very well buy Z some of the lotion before next winter for his skin.



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