Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Believe In You by Marianne Richmond Book Review

Marianne Richmond is the author of a long list of inspiring children's books, that after reading I believe in you it is no surprise, she has won many awards.

The one thing I don't ever want my children to think for a minute that I doubt them,and I try my best to make sure they know even if I don't like a choice they have made, I believe they will make the right one next time. When one child fails  at a task they are working so very hard for, I really feel that reading this book to my kids especially my 8 year old helps them to understand that.  

I believe that great wholesome stories like these are a great inspiration for children and adults alike. I love this book, as it isn't super long which allows me to read it to all my children as the same time with out my 2 year old getting board and running off. I would most defiantly recommend this book so anyone with children especially girls... who as they get older doubt themselves more then boys do.

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Diane said...

Following you back. The book sounds great. I ♥ to read Ÿ

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